Web Training

Most of Carleton’s websites are run using a web content management system called Reason. Originally developed by the Web Services Group at Carleton, Reason is a full-featured open-source tool used by schools across the country. Most users find Reason very easy to use, and many common site editing tasks can be accomplished with little or no training.

Note: Carleton is in the process of transitioning from Reason to WordPress as its primary web CMS. Several websites will begin this migration during the 2018–2019 academic year. Visit the Web2020 website for more information.

Getting Started

  • First, make sure you have a Reason User Account, and that you have editing access to one or more websites. If not, you can request access.
  • Read through the Reason Overview page on this website for basic information and links to online help.
  • Check out the Reason Showcase to see examples of interesting web content from a variety of Reason websites.

More Info

  • Once you've read the basic Reason Overview, look through the User Documentation website for help with common website editing tasks, or check out the How-To Guides for help with Carleton-specific web content.
  • For hands-on help:
    • Visit the weekly Web Wednesday drop-in help session, happening every Wednesday during academic terms from 10–noon in Sayles-Hill Great Space. No appointment necessary!
    • Check the Web Services calendar for the Web Help House Calls schedule. We visit academic buildings and other spaces on Thursday afternoons.
    • Schedule a personal consultation via our request form.