General contact:

General contact

Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Profile
Director of Web Services

Julie is the web team’s fearless leader, strategist, and project manager, mapping out web project priorities that balance the needs of internal clients and the college as a whole. She also serves as the liaison between the Web Services Group and ITS, ensuring that the team’s work reflects Carleton’s strategic technology planning

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan ’96 Profile
Associate Director of Web Communications and Development

Matt is the lead designer, interface expert, and information architect for the Web Services Group. In other words, he makes sure Carleton's pages work well and look good, and figures out how to organize them so that people can navigate through Carleton's website as easily as possible. He’s a passionate advocate for usability, accessibility, and positive user experiences on

Doug Bratland
Doug Bratland Profile
Web Content Specialist

Doug is the content guru of the Web Services Group—you might call him the “website doctor” (he even makes house calls around campus). You’ll find Doug holding drop-in help sessions in Sayles-Hill on Web Wednesdays, or working with site maintainers in academic departments and administrative offices to improve the content, appearance, and organization of their sites.

Stef Bentley
Stef Bentley ’00 Profile
Web Designer

Stef brings both a design eye and front-end development skills to bear on Carleton’s websites, creating sites with personality that fit into Carleton’s overall web design standards. Their recent projects include the Voice website redesign and Carleton’s Give Day site. They also design many of the templates for Carleton’s email marketing campaigns.

David Huyck
David Huyck ’98 Profile
Senior Web Application Developer

David is a top-notch web programmer as well as a professional artist (you may have seen his illustrations in the Winter 2017 issue of the Voice). Like Tom, his work spans the development of Reason and its integration with other back-end systems. Currently his duties include serving as technical lead for the Admissions redesign project.

Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer
Web Administrator/Developer

If you’ve ever wondered what underlying technology drives our website, just ask Matt Lauer. He speaks the secret language of web servers and takes charge of the technical administration of our web-based software systems and infrastructure. In other words, he’s the guy who fine-tunes the engine powering all of