Giving People Access to Edit Your Site

Do you need access to a Reason site you don't currently have the rights to edit, or want someone else to have access to make edits and add content to a Reason site?

This is how people get added and removed from the access list for a given Reason site:

  1. A faculty or staff member responsible for content on the site makes a request to the Web Services Group for access to be granted for a specific person or list of people. The easiest way to do this is with the Reason Access Request Form.
  2. If the person has had Reason training and the site in question does not require additional training to maintain, the Web Services Group grants them access.
  3. If the person has not had reason training, or if the site in question requires additional training, one of the members of the Web Services Group will schedule training for the requested person(s). Once training is complete, the Web Services Group will grant them access.

Note that individuals cannot generally request access to edit a site themselves. In order to make sure that only properly authorized individuals have editing rights to Carleton sites, we require that a site maintainer or supervisor make the request on their behalf.

Student Organization Sites

Officers of student organizations have the ability to control editing rights for their group's web site.

  • If you are a group officer, you can make changes to your Group Profile in the Student Organization Database.
  • If you are unable to access your group profile, you'll need to work with another officer for your group or follow the steps described above.