Recommended Resources

Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM)

A program of Utah State University, WebAIM provides detailed information and tutorials for people interested in web accessibility.

  • Techniques and Concepts

    WebAIM presents detailed tutorials on making different HTML elements accessible, as well as information on the accessibility of various file formats, and guidance on media captioning.

  • WAVE Accessiblity Tool

    The WAVE Web Validator performs several automated checks to assess web compliance with either WCAG 1 or the Section 508 Standards. Many accessibility checks require used intervention. The WAVE validator is particularly effective at showing the linear progression a screen reading device would take through a table.

National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education (AccessIT)

AccessIT is federally funded to provide information on accessible information technology in educational environments.

  • Accessible University

    This simple set of web pages demonstrates problems and solutions to common web accessibility problems.

  • Knowledge Base

    AccessIT maintains searchable knowledge base with information and additional resources on a wide variety of accessibility issues.

  • Web Course

    A self-paced course class called "Introduction to Accessible Information Technology in Education" is offered free of charge.


Guidelines and Standards

World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium Guidelines:

US Federal Standards:

Legal Information