Managing Course Listings in Reason

So, you're managing an academic department's web page, and you notice that the courses page appears to have no content when you go to edit it. What's going on there?

Simply put, the courses page in your department site is an extract from the course catalog. Reason looks at the course catalog and displays all the courses for your department.

Adding additional information about courses

If you have additional information you want to place in your course listing – like an extended description, or a link to the course website – you can "sweeten" the course catalog results. Here's how:

  1. Log in to Reason and, in your site, go to Courses
  2. If the course you want to sweeten is listed here, edit that course. Otherwise, click "Add Course".
  3. Fill out the form. Choose the course from the dropdown of courses, and enter a course page URL (which will make the course title link to the course page) and/or provide an extended description, which will appear immediately below the official catalog course description.
  4. Click Save and Finish. The additional information should now be displayed with the course entry on your courses page.

Removing extended course information

If you have some extended course description or a course site link that you want to remove, edit the course as above, and then delete the item in Reason.