Managing Faculty/Staff Pages

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How are Faculty/Staff pages different from other Reason pages?

  • They merge information from the Carleton directory with information that you provide
  • Information provided by the directory:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Office location
    • Office phone number
    • Email address
  • Information you provide:
    • Anything else: interests, links to personal & class websites, roles within the office or department, when to contact, office hours, etc.
    • A photo
  • Each listing is ordered like this:
    1. Name
    2. Title
    3. Office location
    4. Phone number
    5. Email address
    6. Any other information you provide (optional)
    7. …and a photo on the right (optional)
  • Example: The webgroup's staff listing

How to change the text for an individual Faculty/Staff member

  • Determine where the information is coming from
  • If it is coming from the directory, it means that the College's central information system (Colleague) is the source of that information.
  • If it is not coming from the directory — it is located below the directory information for that person — then that person's entry in Reason is the source of that information.
    1. Log in to Reason at
    2. If you edit multiple Reason sites, go the the appropriate site
    3. Choose Faculty/Staff under "Add/Edit"
    4. You will see the usernames of the faculty and staff listed on your site
    5. Click Edit next to the username of the person whose entry you would like to change
    6. If you want to change the heading the person is listed under — for example, they are listed under Faculty but in the context of the office they should be considered Staff — you can override the directory information in the Affiliation drop-down menu.
    7. If you would like to add text or change the text that appears under the directory information for that person, simply type into the Content field.
    8. Save your changes and check the site to make sure the things are now displaying the way you want them to

How to add a Faculty/Staff photo

  1. Log in to Reason if you are not already there
  2. Under "Add/Edit," click on Faculty/Staff
  3. You will see the usernames of the faculty/staff listed on your site
  4. Click on Edit next to the username of the person to whom you want to add a photo
  5. In the yellow left-hand side box, click Choose Faculty/Staff Photo
  6. If a photo has already been uploaded to Reason, simply click Select next the photo you want
  7. If a photo has not been uploaded to Reason, click Add Image and follow the instructions on the image tutorial.
  8. If you want to use the image that appears in Carleton's directory, you will need to download it from the directory before uploading it into Reason
    • PC: right-click & choose "Save image as…"
    • Mac: control-click & choose "Save image as…"
  9. Click Finish in the yellow left-side box and go to the staff page to check your work

Adding people to the Faculty/Staff page

  1. In Reason, in the appropriate site, click Faculty/Staff under "Add/Edit"
  2. Choose Add Faculty/Staff
  3. Enter the person's 8-character username (this is the same as their Carleton email address before the @ symbol) in the User ID field
    • Note: This must be a current username; if the person has not yet started work at Carleton, their username may not yet be activated
  4. Enter any information about the person that you would like to add to the directory information in the Content field
  5. Save the form by clicking Save and Continue Editing
  6. Follow the directions above to add a photo, if desired
  7. Click Finish in the left-side yellow box to complete the process
  8. Go to the site's faculty/staff page to check that the person in now listed

Reordering the Faculty/Staff listing

  1. In Reason, in the appropriate site, click Faculty/Staff under "Add/Edit"
  2. Choose Sort These Items
  3. Select a username and the click on the up and down arrows next to the list to move that person's entry up and down
  4. Repeat until the list is in the order that you want
  5. Click Save Order

Removing people from your Faculty/Staff listing

  1. First, try deleting the person's entry under Faculty/Staff.
  2. If that does not work, it may be because the directory is still listing that person as a member of the office or department. Try contacting Human Resources to have the directory changed.

A little more information about removing people from your faculty/staff listing:

Removing people from your Faculty/Staff listing can be somewhat complex. This is because Reason uses the directory as the authoritative source of information about who works for what office and department. So if there is no entry in Reason (for example, if you deleted someone's entry), the person may still show up in the faculty/staff listing. Why are they still showing up? Because they are still associated with your office or department in the directory. How do you remove them from the list, then? The answer is to change the directory by contacting Human Resources.