The due date for the class of 2022 is Friday, May 15, 2020 by 4:30 p.m. Portfolios are submitted via Moodle.

You must submit no fewer than 3 or more than 5 papers from Carleton courses that meet the criteria below. 

Transfer students may submit essays from their pre-Carleton classes.  You may not submit more than one paper from a single class, unless you get explicit clearance for this from the WAC Director to do so.

Some papers will meet several requirements, which is why as few as 3 papers may be adequate.   It's okay--encouraged, even--to have multiple papers that meet any given requirement (e.g. two or more thesis-driven essays)

In addition to these 3-5 papers, you will need to write a brief (500-1000 words) reflective essay, in which you examine how you have  developed as a writer since your first term at Carleton.  This essay will often be the first thing your faculty reviewers read when they examine your portfolio.  The reflective essay cannot be used to fulfill any of the evaluation criteria for the portfolio (i.e. observation, interpretation, analysis, use of sources, and thesis-driven essay), but it will allow you to give your reviewers insight into your progress as a writer and set the tone for their evaluation of your work.  For more information on the reflective essay, go here.  The reflective essay does not count towards the total page count for the portfolio, nor does it count as one of your 3-5 essays from Carleton courses.

The total number of pages in the portfolio should be no fewer than 10 and no more than 30.*  This total does not include illustrations, charts/graphs, bibliographies, or your reflective essay. 

All papers must be submitted as a PDF to the portfolio Moodle site. 

A Complete Portfolio Must Contain:

  1. A reflective essay, written exclusively for the portfolio, that addresses how you have developed as a writer since your first term at Carleton. This essay may not be used to meet any of the other requirements below.  For more information on the reflective essay, go here.
  2. Papers from at least three different departments or programs.  Please do not submit more than one paper from a single course - variety shows your breadth as a writer;
  3. At least one paper that reports on something you have observed (for example, field notes for science or social science courses, a laboratory report, a description of art, a play, or music, etc.);
  4. At least one paper that demonstrates your ability to analyze complex information (for example, numeric data, multiple texts, multiple observations, etc.);
  5. At least one paper that provides interpretation (of data, a text, a performance, etc.);
  6. At least one paper that demonstrates your ability to identify and effectively use appropriate sources (other than the primary text for the assignment), properly documented;
  7. At least one paper that shows your ability to articulate and support a thesis-driven argument;
  8. Evidence that you can effectively control Standard American English in multiple curricular settings.

*In practice, the minimum page limit is much more important than the maximum limit.  If your portfolio is a bit longer than 30 pages, after all the exceptions are taken into account, it is unlikely to cause a problem.  However, a portfolio with less than 10 pages of content is very unlikely to pass.