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Welcome to the Career Center! Regardless of where you are in the career development process, we’re eager to help you make well-informed decisions while at Carleton and beyond. We can help you with resources to explore your interests, skills, and values, think about majors, connect with alumni and employers, secure an internship and your first job, or investigate post-graduate study options. Visit us in the Career Center anytime.


  • Carleton Careers Alumni Board member, Dashini Jeyathurai '08, connected with students from Mike Kowalewski's class…… 18 Feb
  • Interested in health and human services consulting and policy? Apply for The Lewin Group's Full Time Senior Researc…… 18 Feb
  • LearningWorks is on campus this Monday! Meet with Ali Khaleel, the Curriculum & Instruction Director at LearningWo…… 15 Feb
  • Are you interested in teaching? LearningWorks at Blake & Breakthrough Collaborative are hiring! 15 Feb
  • Missed their info session last term? The Broad Institute is hosting another info session this winter! Learn more ab…… 14 Feb
  • Only THREE days until DKT's Program Officer Position deadline. Get your applications in soon! Opportunity brought…… 14 Feb

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