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Welcome to the Career Center. Regardless of where you are in the career development process, we’re eager to help you make well-informed decisions while at Carleton and beyond. We can help you with resources to explore your interests, skills, and values, think about majors, connect with alumni and employers, secure an internship and your first job, or investigate post-graduate study options. Please visit us in the Career Center for help with all of this.


  • Register today to attend the Government & Nonprofit Career Fair. Meet with over 80 government and nonprofit employers recruiting all majors. 20 Sep
  • Take a look at this week's NNB ad, and don't forget to stop by for snacks and a tour of our new space on Friday aft…… 20 Sep
  • American Red Cross offers both career opp. and several volunteer internships! Stop by and talk with a staff member…… 19 Sep
  • Sept. 20th deadline for the Boston Consulting Group Pre-screen! Apply on the Tunnel for the upcoming information se…… 19 Sep
  • Interested in learning more about Google? Come hear it from Googler Carleton alums (9/26 & 9/27)! RSVP:…… 19 Sep
  • Interested in law school? Wonder what the application review looks like? Want a great opportunity to meet with admi…… 18 Sep

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