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General contact

Andrea Kubinski
Andrea Kubinski Profile
Recruiting Program Coordinator
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy Profile
Program Director for Internships and Experiential Learning
Sarah Rechtzigel
Sarah Rechtzigel Profile
Assistant to the Director
Rachel Leatham
Rachel Leatham Profile
Associate Director of the Career Center
Keri Asp
Keri Asp Profile
Program Director of Career Counseling
Laura Clemens
Laura Clemens Profile
Associate Director of the Career Center
RJ Holmes-Leopold
RJ Holmes-Leopold Profile
Director of the Career Center
Antonia Grant
Antonia Grant Profile
Program Director for Student Engagement
Levi Atkinson
Levi Atkinson ’19 Profile
Educational Associate in the Career Center
Jovan Johnson
Jovan Johnson
Program Director for Experiential Learning Operations
Chad Ellsworth
Chad Ellsworth
Program Director of Employer Relations

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Phone & Fax

Phone: (507) 222-4293
Fax: (507) 222-4275


On Campus

The Center is located in Johnson House. [ Map ยป ]

Mailing Address

Carleton College Career Center
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

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