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Carleton's passionate and engaged alumni are known for their generosity in sharing career advice, connections and knowledge which is invaluable to students as they explore career paths, network, and gain experience in the field. If you are interested in helping Carleton students, you can start by creating an Alumni Profile and joining the Carleton LinkedIn Group. The Career Center Alumni Engagement Programs provide additional avenues to engage with students. Contact Sarah Wolfe, Program Director for Alumni & Parent Engagement at 507.222.5503 or for more information.


  • Spring Internships at Wolf Trap. Communications and Marketing, Development, Opera, Gov Affairs, Production & Sound.… 16 Oct
  • ZS Associates (Management Consulting) Info. Session 12 Oct
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Information Session next Thursday! Oct.19th at 11:30am, St. Olaf Campus - 501 Holland Hall. 12 Oct
  • Are you looking for a summer teaching opportunity? 12 Oct

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