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How to Help Carleton Students

Alumni - How to Help Carleton StudentsAlumni can offer valuable information and experience to students regarding career paths, industry expertise, potential employers and much more. Consider participating in one of the Career Center programs listed below:


Create an Alumni Profile
By completing an online profile you indicate to current students and fellow alums that you're eager to talk about your career path, share advice, and provide insights on how you got from here to there.

Participate in Carls, Careers & Conversation
Are you planning to be on campus? Do you have an hour to spare for lunch or coffee with students to discuss your career path? Previous program participants have focused on careers in the arts, public relations, foreign service, finance, start-ups, tech, medicine, business school and more. Contact Sarah Wolfe, Program Director for Alumni & Parent Engagement, at 507.222.5503 or to explore options and availability.

Give Carls A Strategic Edge
Are you interested in helping current Carleton students gain a strategic edge in this competitive job market? We would love to partner with you to help Carleton students get their foot in the door at your organization. To learn more about what other alumni have done or how you could get involved, contact Matt Lundberg, Program Director for Recruiting, at 507.222.4294 or

Volunteer for 30 Minutes
The 30 Minutes program brings students interested in a specific job or industry face-to-face (or via Skype) with alumni experienced in that field. In just half an hour (hence the name), Carleton networking magic happens!

Serve as an Alumni-in-Residence
The Alumni-in-Residence program provides an avenue for alumni to connect with students on campus through a number of activities over the course of 1-2 days. The format can vary but may include a talk with students related to your area of expertise, participation in 30 Minutes (one-on-one informational interviews), and a class lecture. For more information and to learn if this program may be a good fit for you,
 contact Sarah Wolfe, Program Director for Alumni & Parent Engagement, at 507.222.5503 or

Search Student Profiles
Student Profiles provide a place where students can keep track of their experience and skills, build a professional online presence, and connect with others in the Carleton community who share their interests. You can also connect with students through the Student Profiles. If you are looking for an intern, seeking quality applicants for an entry-level position, reaching out to a student to provide information or advice about your career field, the Student Profile search page is the place to go.


Host an Externship
Carleton’s Externship Program connects students with alumni, parents, and friends of the college who volunteer to host externs for 1-3 weeks over winter break. These short and highly active/engaged experiences usually include shadowing opportunities, networking, and a focus project. Some externships include housing with the host, but this is not required.

Offer an Internship
Carleton-Edge internships serve as a pipeline that connects Carleton students with real-world work experiences. Interns are mentored by hosts and will be supported by the Career Center to maximize engaged learning and professional development throughout the internship.

Recruit for a Job
If you or your place of business are looking for bright, young talent for your full-time hiring needs, we would love to help connect you with Carleton seniors and recent alumni. We can also create a virtual or in-person interview schedule to make the process as easy as possible. Post the position on
 the Tunnel and/or connect with Matt Lundberg, Program Director for Recruiting, at 507.222.4294 or

Couches for Carls
Interested in hosting a Carleton student on your couch for a few days? This hospitality exchange network for current students & alumni helps students find free places to stay in the homes of alumni in the Carleton network. This is particularly helpful for students interviewing for a job or internship in another city.

Career Center Strategic Framework
Graphic representation of how alums can help students.

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