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How to Help Carleton Students

Ways To Help

  • Offer information - Alumni, parents, and other volunteers can offer valuable information to students regarding job choices, career paths, potential employers, industries, cities, and much much more. You can:
    • Meet with interested students for a meal or at your place or work
    • Answer questions over the phone
    • Give tours of your job site
    • Speak on campus about your field and experiences after college
    • And much more! Contact us for more information.
  • Offer an internship - Students are always looking for work, and are eager to look for employment that can be educational and help them in pursuit of their career goals. If you know of or have an internship for a Carleton student, paid or unpaid, please contact us. A template of information needed to post your internship can be found by clicking here. We will post it on our searchable database, and in a weekly bulletin distributed to students.
  • Recruit for a job - If you or your place of business would be interested in hiring Carleton students after they graduate, please contact Andrea Kubinski. We offer recruiting on campus, as well as other ways to interview students if recruiting is not feasible.
  • Participate in one of the Career Center programs listed below....
  • Career Guides

    Share your advice and wisdom with current students and fellow alums. Signing up as a Career Guide indicates that you’re eager to talk about your career path, share advice, and provide insights on how you got from here to there.
  • Alumni Profile

  • Host an Internship

    Fill out an application to host a Carleton student as an intern with your organization.
  • Host an Externship

    The Mentor Externships program connects students with alumni for 1-4 week “mini internships,” most with a focus project, and generally including home-stays with their alumni hosts.
  • Couches for Carls

    Is a hospitality exchange network for current Carls & Alumni that helps them find free places to stay in the homes of those in the Carleton network.
  • Search Student Profiles

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This page was last updated on 19 May 2015