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Campus Recruiting

Our job in the Career Center is to make your recruiting efforts as easy as possible. There are several structured options for organizations to recruit Carleton students. Please contact us for more information about any of the following programs.

Résumé Collection

Submit your job or internship on Handshake and have resumes collected through our system. Once the resume submission deadline passes, we will send you a complete resume packet via email. Should you have a large interest, we would be happy to arrange a virtual or on-campus interview schedule on your behalf.

Host an Information Session (On-Campus or Virtual)

We work with organizations to host information sessions both on-campus and virtually.  Schedule a date to meet with students to inform them about your organization and opportunities.

  • See Carleton's academic calendar.
  • Best times include Tuesday/Thursday Common Hour (12:00-1:00 p.m.) or after 5 p.m. Central Time.

In addition to your on-site visit, here are some additional ways you can maximize your visit and connect with students:

  • Tabling - Connect with students in our main student center, Sayles-Hill Campus Center. We will promote your visit to students and invite them to stop by to connect.
  • Informal Office Hours - Meet with students one-on-one in the Career Center to get to know them individually and answer their specific questions about your organization and position(s).
  • Virtual Zoom Meeting - Can’t come to campus? We can work with you to set up a Zoom meeting to connect with students and share information on the various opportunities you have available.
  • Panel Discussions - Host or participate in a panel of professionals in your field or organization.
  • Skill-Based Workshop - Teach students a needed skill or how to stand out in your industry. Examples include: case interviewing, technical interviewing, overview of a specific career, industry-specific job search tips, among others.
  • Site Visits - We also would love to bring a group of students to visit your place of work and learn more about what it’s like to work at your organization.

Interview Scheduling (On-Campus or Virtual)

Let us coordinate the interview schedule for your hiring needs. After you select an interview date and post your position, we will market the opportunity to students. Once the resume submission deadline passes, you select the candidates you wish to interview, and then we take care of coordinating the interview schedule, either at Carleton or via an online platform.

Branding on Campus

No matter what your hiring needs, we are happy to help spread the word to students and raise awareness with your targeted population of students. Via Facebook, Twitter, student organizations, academic departments, among others. We work hard to market your opportunities to qualified students who meet your position requirements.

Contact Andrea Kubinski, Recruiting Coordinator at Or Chad Ellsworth, Program Director of Employer Relations at with any questions or to market your opportunity.

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