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Job Posting Tips

  • Application Deadlines: Students respond best when application deadlines have a short turn-around, rather than being months away. To gain the most impact, set short-term deadlines and repost the opportunity if there are rolling deadlines.
  • Alumni or Parent Connection: Are you a Carleton alumnus/parent or do you have a Carleton connection? Postings that have a direct Carleton affiliation clearly stated often get more visibility with students.
  • Handshake Applications: Having students apply directly through Handshake removes barriers to apply. We encourage you to ask students to apply via Handshake AND your own website if that is a requirement for your organization.
  • Job/Internship Title: Including a descriptive title can increase interest in the opportunity. For example, use “Finance Intern” instead of “Intern” or “Scientific Research Analyst” instead of “Research Analyst”
  • Job Function: Handshake has 15 major categories that you can select from when posting an opportunity and allows you to choose specifically from a list of Carleton majors. We encourage you to think about the type of student you are seeking and select all categories that apply based on the position and your organization.
  • Strong Descriptions/Keywords: Carleton students want to be engaged in opportunities that allow them to create an impact. We encourage you to be descriptive in not only what the tasks will be, but also how they will be able to contribute to a larger outcome beyond their specific role.
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    This page was last updated on 17 December 2020