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Why Carleton?

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Carleton College is a small, private liberal arts college with approximately 2,000 undergraduate students recognized for its academic excellence. Our students pursue a challenging curriculum, extracurricular activities, internships, and field and research experiences that challenge them to learn broadly and think deeply. The most important thing our students learn is how to learn for a lifetime.

BRIGHT MINDS: Carls expect to be challenged—and they start by challenging each other every day. 80 percent graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class.

COMMUNICATORS: Through rigorous writing and quantitative requirements, our students develop skills across an expansive interdisciplinary curriculum. Carleton’s 9 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio demands direct interaction with professors.

LEADERS: Our students thrive in leadership roles among 200-plus student organizations. If their peer community of choice doesn’t exist, they create it.

JOB READINESS: Beyond campus, 60 percent of juniors and seniors have completed internships or research experiences.

GLOBAL AWARENESS: 75 percent of all students study abroad at least once during their four years. International students make up nearly 10 percent of Carleton’s student body.

INDEPENDENT THINKERS: The collegiate journey culminates with a unique senior capstone known as Comps (comprehensive exercise), a self-directed, entrepreneurial project that integrates four years of research, writing, and presentation skills.

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