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Employment and Education After Carleton



Visit Carleton's Pathways website to:

Explore careers, internships, off-campus study programs, organizations, and a host of other resources.

Expand the universe of possibilities you might consider. Don’t restrict yourself to things that are familiar. Branch out and see where your interests lie.

Integrate the courses you take, the extracurriculars you do, even the on-campus or summer job you have.

Connect with the resource people on campus, reach out to alumni, and talk with anyone who will share their experience with you.

Be bold—pathways are not recipes or tracks. There is no single “right” way to pursue a career.

Return to explore the pathways and discover how virtually everything you have done—or might do—can contribute in some way to a career path.

Contribute your ideas for other features, new pathways, or just links you’ve found useful.

Career Path VisualizationCarleton College Career Path Visualization

See a visual representation of Carleton alumni career paths sorted by major.

You can click on either a major or a field of employment and see the lines of connection in either direction. You can click on one of those lines and see each broad field of employment further broken down into sub-fields. 

This includes only alumni who have provided us with information on their fields of employment and only alumni since the class of 1990. Double-majors show up in the graphic twice, once for each of their majors. Special majors do not appear. We have grouped together all modern language majors. Lastly, alumni who have have worked in more than one area since graduating are represented multiple times.  

Employment and Education BreakdownEmployment and Education After Carleton

The College has collected employment information from alumni that includes industry sectors, field of work, and job function. 

We have also collected educational information including graduate or professional institutions, professional programs and professional degrees.

To view this detailed information, click the links below...

All Undergraduate Majors (snapshot of all Carleton majors)

Financial Literacy Resources

New graduates are often faced with difficult, and confusing, financial decisions. The following resources are useful in navigating personal finances and assisting young professionals with their financial literacy and understanding. 

Cash Course: Free with student Carleton credentials

Top Ten Student Loan Debt Tips.

Lutheran Social Services (Group and Individual financial education)

My Money Five

iGrad Managing Money

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