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Faculty and staff play a critical role in helping students clarify their values and interests, build confidence in their skills, and make connections with Carleton alumni and friends of the College.

Career Center staff members, along with our programs and resources, are available to assist faculty as they help students navigate career development and exploration.

Submit a student recommendation

  • Internship Funding
    Please submit recommendation forms for summer, non-summer, and paired internship funding applications using this online form. (NOTE: Faculty recommendation for internship funding for Summer 2021 has been waived.)
  • Global Edge Internship Program
    If you have been asked to submit a letter of recommendation for a student applying to the Global Edge Internship Program, please do so using this online form.

Partner with us

  • Partner with the Career Center for events
    We would love to partner with you to support the career development needs of the students in your major or concentration. Please email to get connected with a career coach. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Resources for faculty

  • Reference Letters
    The Career Center partners with Interfolio to provide a confidential online reference letter/credential service.
  • Guide for Reference Letters
    In order to ensure that letters of recommendation are effective tools for enhancing equity, we must critically assess how we write, read, and solicit letters of recommendation. This guide from the University of Southern California provides some useful insights for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Transferable Skills
    The skills students gain in your courses are highly valued by employers.  You can help students identify and articulate the transferable skills they’re developing in all of their Carleton classes and experiences.  This list is a starting point for helping students identify these skills.

Resources for you to share with your students

  • Where have Carleton students interned?
    A searchable database with information sorted by major, career field, and geographic location.  (Please encourage your students to contact the Career Center if they’ve completed an internship, so that we may add their information to this database.)
  • Pathways
    Pathways helps students prepare for life after Carleton by exploring how certain classes and majors could lead to potential careers, internships and off-campus study programs. It also leverages Carleton's existing relationships with alumni, parents and friends of the College, allowing students to network and find out how those people's experiences could help them find their path after Carleton. 
  • Carleton College Data Visualization
    You can click on either a major or a field of employment and see the lines of connection in either direction. You can click on one of those lines and see each broad field of employment further broken down into sub-fields.

    This includes only alumni who have provided us with information on their fields of employment and only alumni since the class of 1990. Double-majors show up in the graphic twice, once for each of their majors. Special majors do not appear. We have grouped together all modern language majors. Lastly, alumni who have worked in more than one area since graduating are represented multiple times.

  • What do Carleton alums do? 
    These reports will give you and your students detailed data about where Carleton alums with each major work.
  • What Can I Do with this Major?
    These helpful guides give examples of career fields that might appeal to students in a variety of majors.
  • Handshake
    This is the College’s main job and internship posting site.  All students have Handshake accounts. Contact the
    Career Center if you’d like an account to browse listings and to get an idea of the types of jobs and internships that might be of interest to a student.
  • GoinGlobal
    Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad.  If you are off campus and trying to access this site, please email


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