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  • Nikki Sorum and Simon Foster

    Leaders of the PAC

    June 19, 2017

    Simon Foster and Nikki Sorum know talent when they see it. Having served as corporate executives for much of their professional careers, they’ve scoured the globe to connect exceptional employees to a variety of top-flight firms.

  • Reunion High Five

    Join the Team!

    June 19, 2017

    Whether you have a few hours to share or are seeking longer-term engagement, Carleton welcomes your time and expertise! Here are a few ways to get involved.

  • 2017 Career Center Scholars Program

    2017 Scholars Program: Bay Area Careers in Tech and Twin Cities in Communication

    April 14, 2017

    The Career Center’s Scholars Program consists of exploratory industry tours aimed at introducing students to a variety of organizations within a particular field of interest. The program also includes an on-campus symposium, site visits, panel discussions, a networking workshop and reception, and related mandatory curricular components to facilitate students’ learning and career development.  

    The Bay Area Careers in Tech Program exposed 15 sophomores and juniors in all majors to careers in tech. Students traveled to California over spring break to visit Evernote, Google, Facebook, Vevo, and Cloudera, and to connect with alumni working in tech at these and other organizations.

  • Tawa Alabi '16

    Alumni Catch-up: Tawa Alabi '16

    March 8, 2017

    Get to know Tawa Alabi '16 and hear about her experience working as a clinical research assistant.

    -How did Carleton prepare you for your current experience?
    I owe everything to my experience at Carleton. Some of my coworkers are Carls and they have already established a reputation here. In addition, my boss is a Carl Parent. On a serious note though, my job requires some statistical knowledge and excel skills which I honed during hours of analysis for my various chemistry lab reports. I also handle blood and marrow samples obtained from our participants and lab skills gained during my research fellowships while at Carleton aided in building my confidence regarding these processes. My comps exercise helped as well because now I can read papers related to cancer without feeling intimated regardless of how nebulous it felt at the beginning. I even use things that I learned when I worked at the printing services and the admissions office at Carleton! 

  • Android pet blanket

    A Day in Computer Science

    March 7, 2017

    Rosa recently attended a comps presentation gala for computer science seniors and a Google information session held by an alum.

  • Students talk with President Steve Poskanzer

    Alumni summit, student contest highlight entrepreneurial ventures

    March 3, 2017

    Carleton's recent “Entrepreneurs’ Summit” combines alumni mentoring, student competition.


  • Analysis Group is looking for a 2018 Summer Analyst. Apply by January 28th, via the Tunnel! 19 Jan
  • Wells Fargo is offering their Sophomore Summer Financial Analyst Program for 2018! Apply via the Tunnel by January…… 19 Jan
  • Save the Date: Elite Scholars of China will be on-campus to promote & interview for their Educational Consultant op…… 19 Jan
  • MullenLowe (Media Company) has internship openings for All Majors + 1 Carleton Exclusive Internship! The deadline…… 19 Jan

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