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Spring Break Learning Experiences

April 4, 2019

Spring break doesn’t have to be devoid of learning. Thirty-five Carls spent a part of this year’s break to learn about leadership and professional pathways through the Career Center. The Gettysburg Leadership Seminar, led by Jeff Appelquist ’80, shared lessons from the battle of Gettysburg to inspire students to consider their own leadership styles. The Law Scholars and Biomedical Scholars programs, through the support of several alumni including Don Frost ’83 and Scott Kaufmann ’75, provided an insider’s view into the legal profession and scientific research in the Twin Cities and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. 

During the two Scholars programs, 25 students had the opportunity to explore a career area of interest and connect with professionals in that field. Biomedical Research Scholars and Law Scholars participants spent winter term building core career competencies — like writing a résumé, cultivating a professional online presence, and networking effectively — before donning their business-casual-best and traveling to the Twin Cities for industry site visits.

Through the generosity of Carleton alumni and parents who planned in-depth site visits and enlisted their colleagues to share insights, Scholars got the chance to investigate a bevy of career possibilities with the guidance of experts in the legal and biomedical research fields. The Biomedical Research Scholars visited scientists and physicians at the University of MinnesotaHennepin Healthcare, and the Mayo Clinic. Meanwhile, the Law Scholars made connections with attorneys, clerks, and judges at the University of Minnesota Law SchoolDorsey and Whitney, and Hennepin and Ramsey Counties.

These educational (and fun!) visits were possible thanks to Scott Kaufmann ’75, Ben Casper Sanchez ’90, Mary Streitz ’80, Caroline Sweeney ’82, Susan Robiner ’82, Bruce Manning ’96, Jon Pryor ’79, and many other generous volunteers. Students also heard from keynote speakers Don Frost ’83 and Scott Kaufmann ’75 and practiced building their professional networks during a student-alumni reception at Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery in St. Paul, thanks to proprietor Tom Schroeder ’87. Scholars returned to campus with new clarity, competency, and connections, eager to continue the career discernment journey.

The Career Center also took nine students to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the Gettysburg Leadership Seminar during the break. Led by Jeff Appelquist ’80, the Seminar introduces Carls to concepts of leadership and team building through a historical lens. Using the Battle of Gettysburg as an example, Appelquist utilizes story sharing and experiential learning to help Carls gain a better understanding of their unique leadership essence, communication skills, and ability to build strong teams. 

One student’s remarks perfectly captures the Seminar: “The idea of leadership in a stressful and constantly changing environment takes on a whole new meaning when one considers the challenges faced by leaders on the battlefield. Learning about leadership through the historical perspective of the Battle of Gettysburg helped me recognize that the ability to effectively deal with uncertainty is a valuable leadership skill.”

Appelquist’s ability to weave elements of leadership and the lessons from Gettysburg is truly remarkable. The Seminar provides Carls a unique opportunity to consider and enhance their own leadership styles as they discern and create their career pathways. Following the Seminar, each student is asked to complete a Follow-On Leadership Project, allowing them to reflect on, apply, and share what they have learned.

The Career Center is truly grateful for the alumni support given over spring break — and throughout the year — for current students. We are so proud of the learning, experience, and connections students were able to make over break. Thank you to everyone involved for their time, energy, and commitment!        

Photo: The Gettysburg Leadership Seminar participants with Jeff Appelquist '80

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