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Parents & Families

How can you best support your student (and other Carleton students)? The links below provide further information about how you might help your individual student as well as how you can help the Career Center by participating in our programs. We are excited to partner with you as your student learns, explores, grows and eventually determines a path to follow after Carleton.


  • Our Communications Scholars had an amazing visit at Cargill yesterday! Thank you, Kirk Weidner '85 for hosting! 22 Mar
  • Tech Scholars exploring the Google campus today! 21 Mar
  • Thank you to Careers Alumni Board member, Dashini Jeyathurai '08 and Trustee, Byron White '08 for hosting our Tech…… 21 Mar
  • Alpinist Magazine seeks qualified applicants for two- to three-month internships. See the Tunnel! 21 Mar

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