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Career Center Programs connect students with alumni volunteers

  • Carls love Internships!


    Internship programs provide students with real world experience and perspective in a given field, while organizations find them to be a solution to short-term staffing needs and a solid source of new hires.

  • Ready for a

    30 Minutes

    The 30 Minutes initiative provides students with access to one-on-one time, group discussion, and a casual and candid interview with Carleton alumni luminaries in many fields.

  • Public Policy Scholars

    Carleton Scholars

    Carleton’s highest-visibility program: “taste-of-industry” tours introduce a variety of organizations in a particular field of interest, including site visits, panel discussions, receptions, and social activities.

  • Couches for Carls Map.

    Couches for Carls

    Couches for Carls is a hospitality exchange network for current Carls and Alumni that helps them find free places to stay in the homes of those in the Carleton network.

  • Externship


    Carleton’s Externship program connects students with alumni for a 1-4 week career exploration experience that usually includes a focus project, shadowing opportunities, and networking.

  • Career Guides

    Career Guides are alums who have stepped forward to provide guidance to students interested in particular career fields.

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