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Edit Engagement Wanted Ad

Please read carefully the "Completing Your EW Ad & Student Profile" document in the "Related Documents" section on the right side of this web page before starting your Engagement Wanted Ad. Please come to the Career Center for assistance.

  1. Fill out the Engagement Wanted Ad field contained in your Student Profile (it will be visible when you log into the editing mode)
  2. Make sure the all the fields on your Student Profile reflect the image you want to present to alums who may view it. 
  3. Make sure you understand the Three "R's" of Responsibility: Respect Alumni, Respond Promptly, and be pRoactive
  4. If you want to discontinue your ad (because you've already landed that dream opportunity, we hope!), just delete all the text in the  Engagement Wanted Ad field in your Student Profile. That will suppress it from the Engagement Wanted emails to alumni and parent volunteers.

Alumni and parents who opt in for the Engagement Wanted emails will receive:

  • Your name and major
  • Your Engagement Wanted "ad"
  • Your photo
  • The Tags you have included in the “Academic and Career-Related Interests” and your “Hobbies & Interests” fields of your Student Profile
  • A link to your resume, if you've included one in your Student Profile
  • A link to your Student Profile

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