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Getting Started

The Pre-Externship Timeline

  1. Once you indicate your willingness to volunteer, you will be asked to complete our Externship Host Enrollment Form.
  2. With the information from the Host Enrollment Form, the Career Center puts together a basic externship job description, which we post on our job/internship board (called the Tunnel) so that students can apply online.
  3. Each term, the deadline for student applications is typically at the end of the third week of the term that precedes the break period during which you are planning on hosting a student. For example, if you are hosting a student over Winter Break, the student application deadline for your externship opportunity would be at the end of the third week of Fall Term.
  4. When applying, students submit a resume and cover letter addressed specifically to your particular externship opportunity.*
  5. The Career Center compiles all of the application materials and emails them to you to review.
  6. During the application review process, you decide on a pool of applicants you would like to interview, and then you contact them to set up a time to interview them over the phone, via Skype, or in person (if you live close enough to Carleton).
  7. The Career Center will notify those students you do not select for an interview.
  8. Once you have made your final selection you inform the Career Center and we will notify all the applicants, both those who were selected and those who were not selected.
  9. From the time you review the applications, conduct interviews, and make your selection(s), about one week to ten days have passed. The turn‐around time is fairly quick as students need to make flight and other logistical arrangements as soon as possible.

*Note that Hosts may require applicants to fill out or complete other application materials in certain circumstances.

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This page was last updated on 30 March 2015