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Navigating the Application Process

Whether you are applying for a job, internship or other opportunity, preparing in advance for different steps in the application process can set you up for success. Click on the links below to learn more about application materials, online profiles, interviewing and ending with a solid thank you note.

  • Resumes
    Resumes are a critical component of the application process.  Whatever stage of writing you're in, whether it's brainstorming or final polishing, the Career Center can help.
  • Cover Letters
    You need a unique, targeted cover letter to complement every resume you send.  This is a nice introduction to you and an ask of the employer to review your resume and consider you a candidate for the the position.
  • References
    You will need references at some point during the interview process. You should choose professional references only and those who can specifically discuss your work ethic.
  • Writing Samples
    It is most common for opportunities that are seeking written communication as a primary aspect of the position to require writing samples.
  • Transcript
    Most organizations request an unofficial transcript to ensure you have the academic background they are seeking.
  • Online Portfolio
    An online portfolio is necessary for students seeking creative focused opportunities (primarily in media, entertainment, advertising, technology, etc.). Employers want to see a showcase of work that is relevant to the opportunity they are seeking to fill.
  • Interviewing
    Interviewing is key. Click here for tips and ideas for navigating your interview with ease and confidence.
  • Thank You Notes
    Writing a thank you note after an interview is quick and easy.  It's also a critical part of the process, and something you should never skip.
  • Student Testimonials
    Read some student testimonials from Carleton Alumni who share their job experience and how the Career Center helped their search process.
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This page was last updated on 18 February 2019