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Funding for Travel to Interviews

Money for travel to interviews

The Career Center is pleased to announce that we have some modest resources available to support student travel to interviews.

Awards will be made until the funds are exhausted for that year.  Only one grant per Carleton-enrolled student per year will be considered.  Awards will be made based upon financial need, as determined by the Student Financial Services office.  The maximum amount of any award will be $400.  Preference will be given to students that demonstrate financial need.

Carleton-sponsored events that already include funding or transportation are not eligible for further grant funding. Grant funding through the Career Center is not available for expenses related to events that do not include a job fair or interview.  Test taking expenses are also not eligible.

To apply:

Click here to fill out the application form. 

Next Steps in consultation with Career Center Staff:

  1. Job description of position(s) for which you are interviewing
  2. Written confirmation of interview offer (e.g. email from employer inviting you to interview)
  3. Resume and cover letter you sent to the employer
  4. Budget, including transportation (airfare, mileage, bus, taxis) and lodging
  5. Complete the Student Travel Waiver

If awarded funding, you must agree to:

  1. Complete a practice interview with a Career Center staff member before departure
  2. Submit receipts to demonstrate total expenses incurred
  3. Provide a brief written reflection of your interview experience

Please note:

You will not receive the requested funding until you have submitted all receipts and have provided a brief written description of your interview experience.  The amount you are given may not exceed the amount for which you were approved, and you will not receive more than what receipts show you actually spent.

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This page was last updated on 11 October 2019