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Online Portfolio

Many organizations will ask for additional supporting documents which may include an online portfolio. While these are not required for all job and internship applications, it is good to think about this in advance.

An online portfolio is necessary for students seeking creative focused opportunities (primarily in media, entertainment, advertising, technology, etc.). Employers want to see a showcase of work that is relevant to the opportunity they are seeking to fill. Keep the layout simple and easy to navigate with elements including 'about me', resume/cv, examples of your work and links to your social media handles. Ultimately, if you want someone to hire you for your writing, be sure you have a place where the employer can get a feel for both your skills and style.

There are a number of options available to easily create a website for low cost including and Many vendors, including Squarespace, offers educational discounts for students of up to 50% off so do some research before getting started.

Looking for Examples? Click on the links to see a few 'books': Art, Copywriter, Design 1, Design 2, Interaction Design.

To find additional examples, utilize LinkedIn to identify people who have recently been hired at your organizations of interest and look for similarities.

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This page was last updated on 12 November 2018