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Resumes are a critical component of the application process. Whatever stage of writing you're in, whether it's brainstorming or final polishing, the Career Center can help. Contact us to set up an appointment if you'd like in-depth assistance, or just drop by if you have some brief questions.

Most employers spend about 20 seconds on their first glance at your reesume. Therefore, your resume must be clear, concise, and easy to read.

Your resume must impress employers the first time they skim through it.

Your resume should:

  1. Be targeted to the type of position for which you are applying
  2. Be completely free of spelling errors, typos, and mistakes
  3. Have parallel structure and consistent formatting
  4. Have a professional appearance
  5. Be easy to read

Carleton's Resume Guide provides detailed information on how to structure your resume, and gives you some samples to get you thinking about how to create your own.

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