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Thank You Notes

Thank you letterAfter an interview, it is customary to send a Thank you note to the person (s) who interviewed you. Below are some tips for writing the note.

  • Your thank you note is a business letter.  It is appropriate to send the note in hand written, typed/printed, or email formats.
  • Don't use a first name - If the person you have interviewed with has said, "Please, call me ____" then you may begin your "thank you" note "Dear _____". Otherwise, it should begin, "Dear Mr./Ms.," with a colon.
  • Begin with a "Thank you"
  • Make it short - Your Thank you note should be quick and to the point. It should include:
    • A return address and date
    • An inside address
    • A salutation
    • An initial "Thank you" for the interview
    • A personal remark relating back to the interview
    • Any additional point you wish to reinforce
    • An indication that you remain very interested in the position
    • Another thank you
    • A "Sincerely" or "Yours truly"
    • Your signature

See a sample Thank You letter

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