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The most common reasons employers request a transcript is to verify your academic background such as dates of enrollment, degree earned, GPA, required coursework. For example, if you are applying to a quantitatively based job, the employer may want documentation to confirm your relevant academic background. Most organizations that request a transcript are seeking an unofficial copy. This means that you can simply make a copy or copy/paste the information to a blank document. If you are ever concerned about something as it relates to your transcript, it may be worth including a note that addresses it it. Meet With a career coach to discuss your options.

Steps to Download an Unofficial Transcript:

1. Login to The Hub

2. Select "Electronic Transcript Request" under Academic Profile

3. Choose the type of transcript -- you can leave this empty, but options include LSAC (law school), AMCAS (medical), and other

4. Type your name and email address

5. You will receive an email from eSCRIP-SAFE Notification within approximately two hours

6. Following the link in the email, register to view the transcript. This includes creating a passcode to use if you needed to view it again within a 24 hour period.

7. After submitting that information, you are able to download the transcript as a PDF.

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This page was last updated on 24 February 2021