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What do you want to do when you leave college? 

Answering this career planning question is

  • a lifelong process that will evolve and change over time
  • a four-year-long research project that involves multiple topics and tasks 

Effective career planning includes:

  • A realistic mindset 
    • plan initially to consider a variety of possible futures
    • Prepare for changes in your interests:  career planning is an evolving, dynamic, life-long process
    • Start early:  this process takes time, takes initiative and involves trial-and-error learning
  • Four parts in career planning
    • Self assessment:  identify your interests, skills and values
    • Occupational research:  explore fields and occupations that fit your interests
    • Gain hands-on experience while in college through engagement programs and activities
    • Develop job search skills so you can present yourself effectively in searches for
  • Jobs and internships
  • Fellowships or service opportunities
  • Grad school
  • Gap year experiences

The Career Center staff and programs are here to help you design a career planning process that fits your unique interests.

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This page was last updated on 18 February 2019