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The Tunnel: Job and Internship Postings

The Tunnel is the Career Center's online system for job and internship searching, on-campus recruiting, and posting resumes.

Date PostedJob TitlePosition TypeApplication Due Date
7-23-2017Cardinal Education AssociateFull Time: Entry Level8-06-2017
7-23-2017Operations Team MemberPart Time/Temporary8-06-2017
7-23-2017Associate College Admissions Consultant(ACAC)Full Time: Entry Level8-06-2017
7-22-2017Customer Service, Support - DenverFull Time: Entry Level8-28-2017
7-21-2017Media AnalystFull Time: Entry Level7-27-2017
7-21-2017Attorney-Adviser (General)Full Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced7-26-2017
7-21-2017Graphic DesignerFull Time: Entry Level8-13-2017
7-21-2017Volunteer Teacher in IndiaVolunteer8-31-2017
7-21-2017AmeriCorps Full-Time TutorCorps (August 2017 Start Date)Full Time: Entry Level8-27-2017
7-21-2017Virtual Education Sales ConsultantFull Time: Entry Level8-31-2017
7-21-2017Office Specialist III - Financial Analysis and AccountingFull Time: Entry Level8-27-2017
7-21-2017PR InternInternship, Internship with Carleton Alumni/Parent Contact8-07-2017
7-20-2017South Asia & Near East Defense and Security Internship - Fall 2017Internship7-30-2017
7-20-2017Trader TraineeFull Time: Entry Level9-10-2017
7-20-2017Fall 2017 Digital Marketing InternshipInternship8-28-2017
7-20-2017AssociateFull Time: Entry Level10-02-2017
7-20-2017Recovery Resolution Analyst, SeniorFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced7-26-2017
7-20-2017Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2018)Internship9-10-2017
7-20-2017Visitor AssistantPart Time/Temporary8-31-2017
7-20-2017Java Hire and Train ProgramFull Time: Entry Level, Part Time/Temporary9-19-2017
7-20-2017Software EngineerFull Time: Entry Level9-10-2017
7-20-2017Summer Associate ProgramInternship, Summer10-17-2017
7-20-2017Art TeacherPart Time/Temporary8-03-2017
7-20-2017Greenovate Boston Fellow 2017Year(s) of Service/Fellowship8-18-2017
7-20-2017Social Media Marketing Internship Program through Sony Music (Fall Semester)Internship8-28-2017
7-20-2017Reserach Management and Administration Internship Opportunity - Fall Semester 2017Internship7-30-2017
7-20-2017Business AnalystFull Time: Entry Level9-10-2017
7-20-2017Trader Trainee Intern (Summer 2018)Internship9-10-2017
7-20-2017Choir TeacherPart Time/Temporary7-27-2017
7-20-2017Special Education Long Term Substiute TeachersPart Time/Temporary8-10-2017

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Fraudulent Job Postings
Unfortunately, not every job posting is legitimate. Some internship and job offers are instead a method to get personal information for use in identity theft and or money from you. It is vitally important that you know how to distinguish legitimate internship and job postings from scams.

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