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The Tunnel: Job and Internship Postings

The Tunnel is the Career Center's online system for job and internship searching, on-campus recruiting, and posting resumes.

Date PostedJob TitlePosition TypeApplication Due Date
11-14-2018Spring Membership & Event Coordinator InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Writing SpecialistInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-20-2018
11-14-2018IT Division ManagerFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced11-26-2018
11-14-2018Spring Museum Education Intern: Studio/Maker-SpaceInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Digital Marketing InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Spring Fundraising Events InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Educational Consultant (Mandarin Speaking) - New York OfficeFull Time: Entry Level12-20-2018
11-14-2018Community Food Partner InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Business Marketing and Communications Intern, ProduceInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018IT InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Spring Museum Experience Coordinator InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Accounting InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary, Summer12-30-2018
11-14-2018Graduate Construction EngineerFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced11-26-2018
11-14-2018Spring Exhibit Fabrication InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Spring Costume Design & Props InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018SNAP Outreach and Translation Intern (Spanish)Internship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Spring Digital Media InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Health and Hunger Outreach InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Educational Consultant - New York OfficeFull Time: Entry Level12-20-2018
11-14-2018Program Pilot Coordinator InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Junior Fellows ProgramFull Time: Entry Level, Year(s) of Service/Fellowship1-15-2019
11-14-2018Camp Counselor in France at American VillageFull Time: Entry Level, Part Time/Temporary, Summer2-01-2019
11-14-2018Spring Youth Development InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary1-30-2019
11-14-2018Evaluation Program AnalystFull Time: Entry Level11-23-2018
11-14-2018Periodicals and Cataloging SpecialistFull Time: Entry Level11-30-2018
11-14-2018Event Planning InternInternship, Part Time/Temporary12-30-2018
11-14-2018Youth Outdoors Field SpecialistVolunteer, Year(s) of Service/Fellowship11-19-2018
11-13-2018Director – Inclusive Cities PracticeFull Time: Entry Level12-20-2018
11-13-2018Amir Farm ManagerInternship, Summer1-31-2019
11-13-2018US Business Development AssociateFull Time: Entry Level2-14-2019

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Fraudulent Job Postings
Unfortunately, not every job posting is legitimate. Some internship and job offers are instead a method to get personal information for use in identity theft and or money from you. It is vitally important that you know how to distinguish legitimate internship and job postings from scams.

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