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The Tunnel: Job and Internship Postings

The Tunnel is the Career Center's online system for job and internship searching, on-campus recruiting, and posting resumes.

Date PostedJob TitlePosition TypeApplication Due Date
7-16-2018Tutor Corps - Urban Education Fellowship (August 2018 Start)Full Time: Entry Level7-25-2018
7-16-2018Research AssistantFull Time: Entry Level, Job with Carleton Alumni/Parent Contact8-01-2018
7-16-2018Customer Service RepresentativeFull Time: Entry Level8-15-2018
7-16-2018AmeriCorps Full-Time Tutor Corps (August 2018 Start)Full Time: Entry Level7-18-2018
7-16-2018Director of Summer Academic ProgramsFull Time: Entry Level7-31-2018
7-16-2018Reference and Instruction Librarian for SciencesFull Time: Entry Level7-31-2018
7-15-2018Proprietary Trading Intern (New York, London)Internship4-30-2019
7-15-2018Quantitative AnalystFull Time: Entry Level4-30-2019
7-15-2018Award-winning Global Internship Program - CRCC AsiaInternship, Summer8-15-2018
7-15-2018Language InstructorFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced8-15-2018
7-15-2018Software DeveloperFull Time: Entry Level4-30-2019
7-15-2018Software Developer InternInternship4-30-2019
7-15-2018Teach English in ChinaFull Time: Entry Level8-21-2018
7-15-2018Systems Technologist InternInternship4-30-2019
7-15-2018Quantitative Analyst InternInternship4-30-2019
7-13-2018Organizing Jobs with ImpactFull Time: Entry Level8-31-2018
7-13-2018Research & Design AssistantFull Time: Entry Level, Job with Carleton Alumni/Parent Contact8-15-2018
7-12-2018Hybrid Trader Trainee Intern - Summer 2019Internship9-03-2018
7-12-2018GeneralistFull Time: Entry Level4-30-2019
7-12-2018Fundamental Research Analyst InternFull Time: Entry Level4-30-2019
7-12-2018Software EngineerFull Time: Entry Level9-03-2018
7-12-2018Software Developer, Ph.D. InternInternship4-30-2019
7-12-2018IT/Enterprise: Systems AdministratorFull Time: Entry Level4-30-2019
7-12-2018Hybrid Trader TraineeFull Time: Entry Level9-03-2018
7-12-2018Quantitative Analyst, Ph.D. InternInternship4-30-2019
7-12-2018Rotational Associates ProgrammeFull Time: Entry Level4-30-2019
7-12-2018Software Engineer Intern - Summer 2019Internship9-03-2018
7-12-2018Trader TraineeFull Time: Entry Level9-03-2018
7-12-2018Head of TalentFull Time: Experienced, Job with Carleton Alumni/Parent Contact8-01-2018
7-12-2018Product AnalystFull Time: Entry Level9-03-2018

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Fraudulent Job Postings
Unfortunately, not every job posting is legitimate. Some internship and job offers are instead a method to get personal information for use in identity theft and or money from you. It is vitally important that you know how to distinguish legitimate internship and job postings from scams.

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