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Internship Funding


About Funding

Carleton students are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship.  A number of generous Carls (alumni and parents) who have gone before you agree and they have contributed significant resources to provide you with diverse opportunities to learn and gain professional experience domestically and abroad.  These funds are competitively awarded each year.  Applications are evaluated on the basis of merit and financial need (as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services.)  To see how applications are scored, you may view the scoring rubric that reviewers will us to evaluate recipients.

Students may not apply for funding for more than one internship (at different sites) to be done in the same time period. Internship funding is designed to support internship experiences at a single site that involves more than 240 hours of experience and lasts more than six weeks.  While students are able to pursue complementary internship experiences while they have a primary internship in place, we would urge students to be cautious about being overextended for the summer and focus on taking full advantage of the learning opportunities at a single site.

Students cannot use internships, fellowships, or scholarships to study or travel to countries where the United States does not have a favorable relationship or where travel by U.S. citizens is not advised, unless this is their country of origin.  See the U.S. State Department website for current information.

Summer Internship Funding

Learn more about and apply for summer internship funding.

Non-Summer Internship Funding

Learn more about and apply for non-summer internship funding.

Funding Deadlines

Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on the deadline.  Students may apply for funding only after they have received an internship offer (and the future internship host completes the host agreement form for the application).

The funding deadline is in place to allow funded students ample time to prepare for their internship, including to establish learning goals and to research and reserve transport and housing accommodations.

We recognize that some host organizations make decisions after the application deadline.  The Career Center is happy to work with students to explore alternative strategies to fund the expenses related to an unpaid internship.

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