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Internships for Credit

Sometimes, organizations offer internships only to students who are eligible to receive course credit for their internship participation. If you have secured an internship that requires you to earn Carleton credit, you have options.

IDSC 280

Carleton offers a one-credit Interdisciplinary Studies "Learning from Internships" option (IDSC 280). The course entails setting learning goals before your internship, participating in reflection activities during your internship, and writing a short research paper after your internship that integrates your experience with academic literature. If you would like to earn academic credit for your internship, begin by filling out the intent to register form.

Major-related Credit

Note that you may also be able to work with a faculty member to complete a three- to six-credit independent study related to your internship for academic credit. This option is only available at the discretion of the faculty in your department. This is also the best option for international students who need to receive major-related credit for their internship experiences. International students interested in internships must meet with Brisa Zubia in OIIL to discuss work permissions

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This page was last updated on 21 May 2019