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Minnesota's Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair

Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Spring Fair

Register to attend the Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair welcoming over 300 employers and 2,000 candidates. This fair is open to candidates that are enrolled in a Bachelor level degree program (or a December 2020 graduate) from one of the Minnesota Private Colleges.

This fair takes place in February at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Employers from Business, Communications, Education, Government, Science & Healthcare, Social Services & Non-profit, and Technology/Engineering will be present. Many of the employers are hiring for positions all throughout the US, not just Minnesota. 

2022 Schedule

  • Thursday, February 24, 2022 (In-Person)
  • Tuesday, March 1, 2022 (Virtual)

Further details to come!


  • Complete their Handshake profile
  • Make their resume public
  • Test their video capability

Quotes from past participants:

"The MN Private Colleges and Job Fair was a great opportunity to personally engage with a multitude of recruiters—all under one roof! At first, it may seem a bit overwhelming. The Convention Center is set up with many booths of different employers, lots of events and seminars, and literally a thousand St.Thomas students vying for positions. It's OK. Don't panic, take a deep breath, and have a little faith. Bring a smile and practice a strong handshake. Your entire Carleton experience has prepared you for this very moment and you're sure to do great! The Career Center is also here to help with resume building/editing, interview prep, and informational sessions geared towards the fair. It's really essential to come prepared. Research the organizations and positions present and definitely have direct, research-informed questions in mind."

Byronlyn (Mappy) Ryan ’18

Additional options at the fair!

Prescheduled Interviews

A unique feature of the Minnesota Private Colleges’ Job & Internship Fair is the option to pre-schedule interviews at the fair. Candidates are encouraged to post their résumé online for employers to review and to also email directly to employers to request pre-scheduled interviews at the fair. Employers are encouraged to contact candidates directly to pre-schedule interviews. This means candidates can walk into the fair with interviews already scheduled!

Employers that Consider International Students

Employers willing to talk with international candidates will have a blue sign at their booth indicating the opportunities available to international students. You can also download the job fair app and view the list of employers that consider international students.

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Preparing for a Career Fair with Mike Habermann ’15

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