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Alumni Profiles: Alums Helping Students Think About and Plan for Life Post-Carleton

Carleton alums have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help students and recent graduates as they plan for and then move beyond their undergraduate lives. Carleton students have been seeking the advice and guidance of alums for many years. Alumni Profiles enhance and streamline this student-to-alum communication and was created with two main goals in mind:

  1. It provides the structure of a volunteer program where alums can step forward and “raise their hands” to say: “Feel free to contact me with your career-related questions.”
  2. It provides students with a quick and easy way to identify volunteers who share similar professional and academic interests, and to then connect with them.

Alumni Profiles have a significant impact on students’ current and future success by:

  • answering your questions about the career areas in which they have first-hand knowledge;
  • sharing insight into how to write an effective resume or approach an interview in their field;
  • expanding your network of contacts;
  • advising you in your internship or job search;
  • and much, much more.

Alumni are eager to help students in the following ways:

  • To learn about their professions. That could mean advising you on the knowledge and skills that are helpful in the alum’s profession, helping you to develop networking skills and contacts, and helping you to brainstorm employers as well as jobs and internships.
  • Talk with you about how the alum’s experiences – at Carleton and after Carleton – helped prepare them for where they are today.
  • Provide constructive feedback about how you present yourself through your Student Profile, resume & cover letter, and your communications with the alum.

Search for Alumni Profiles here.

Our Alumni have volunteered to be a resource for you in one or more of the following fifteen general career areas listed below.

  • Arts / Museums
  • Business / Finance / Sales
  • Communications / Media
  • Education (Higher Ed)
  • Education (PreK-12)
  • Engineering
  • Environment / Agriculture
  • Government / Public Service
  • Healthcare
  • Info. Systems / Technology/Library
  • Legal Professions
  • Public Policy
  • Science / Research
  • Social Service / Advocacy
  • Year of Service (AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, Teach for America, etc.)
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