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Pre Law and Law School

Both current students and alumni of Carleton College are welcome and encouraged to schedule a prelaw advising appointment.   Laura Clemens is our prelaw advisor and RJ Holmes-Leopold serves as a secondary prelaw advisor in the Career Center.  They both have years of experience, deep knowledge of prelaw advising, and are great resources for students and alumni.

  • To make an appointment with the prelaw advisor, Laura Clemens, please log in to the Tunnel.
  • To stay on top of upcoming events, log into the Tunnel and click on Profile/Personal. Under the Specific Job Interest section, select Legal Professions. You will then get communications about upcoming events and postings in the legal professions.
  • Our Law School Guide is a great resource and has additional information and tips not listed on the website.
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This page was last updated on 11 October 2019