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Career Center Programs for Students

Carleton's Career Center has pioneered a series of programs to connect our active and engaged alumni volunteers with our inquisitive and capable students. These programs have served as templates for other schools who have developed their own similar initiatives.

  • 30 Minutes Informational Interview

    30 Minutes

    The 30 Minutes program brings students interested in a specific job or industry face-to-face (or via Skype) with alumni experienced in that field. In just half an hour (hence the name), Carleton networking magic happens.
  • Externships

    Carleton’s Externship program connects students with alumni for a 1-3 week career exploration experience that allows for a focus project in addition to shadowing and networking, and can include a home-stay with the alumni host (although this is not required).
  • Career Guide

    Alumni Profiles

    Alumni Profiles are alums who have stepped forward to provide guidance to students interested in particular career fields.
  • Public Policy Scholars 2018

    Scholars Program

    The Carleton Scholars program allows students to tour a variety of organizations in a particular field of interest, including site visits, panel discussions, receptions, and social activities.
  • Couches for Carls Map.

    Couches for Carls

    Couches for Carls is a hospitality exchange network for current Carls and Alumni that helps them find free places to stay in the homes of those in the Carleton network.
  • Start-Up Competition

  • Gettysburg 2016

    Gettysburg Leadership

    A three-day seminar that introduces Carleton sophomores to the concepts of leadership and team building in the context of liberal arts and business careers, using a historical framework.
  • Shareholders Meeting

    Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

  • Carleton + Social Work

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