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Externships: Information for Volunteers

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2017 Prospective Host Informational Flier

Download this flier to read about externship program basics.

2017 Externship Host Enrollment Form

If you are ready to host an externship, please fill out the enrollment form.

What is an externship?

Carleton externships are one- to three-week career preparation and exploration experiences. Each December, alumni, parents, and friends of Carleton host students at their work places and provide exposure to jobs in a wide variety of career fields. These unpaid “mini internships” give students the chance to experience a workplace or industry area first hand, with just enough depth to learn if they would like to pursue further experiences in that field. Carleton parents, alumni, friends of the college, and organizations interested in Carleton talent are encouraged to become hosts. The Career Center handles the majority of the administrative work; hosts simply decide what an internship would look like at their work place (summer) and choose top candidates from the application packet (October).

How does it work?

At the host’s workplace, an extern might spend time talking with members of the organization to learn more about the field, attend meetings, shadow a staff member or work team to get a feel for what it could be like to work in a similar role or field, and even help out with specific projects to get hands-on experience. Every externship looks different, and can be created specifically to fit your organization.

Why should you host a Carleton student for an externship?

Carleton students are some of the best and brightest undergraduates in the country. Many will go on to be leaders in their chosen fields. A Carleton externship provides:

  • your organization with an early connection with a great potential future employee or intern
  • bright, hard-working students a chance to gain interest in your field
  • you with a unique perspective on your work and the next generation of talent
  • the opportunity to provide guidance and mentorship for a young person at a critical point in the student’s life

Carleton students bring critical thinking, effective writing and presentation abilities, and the desire to learn and be challenged by anything they take on. Externship hosts consistently remark on how enjoyable it is to have a Carleton student with them for a few weeks. 

Timeline for 2017-2018 Externship Program

  • By August 18 – Externship hosts enroll in the program by filling out the externship host information form. 
  • October 211:59 pm – Deadline for student externship applications.
  • October 3 – Applicant packets emailed to hosts for review & selection. Hosts are encouraged to contact students and conduct phone, Skype, or in-person interviews, but this is not required.
  • October 19 – Deadline for hosts to submit application rankings to the Career Center.
  • October 20Offers emailed to students at the same time and according to the hosts' priorities.
  • November 27 – December 16 – Externships happen any time during this time period, as determined by externship hosts.

Additional Information

Hosting the Externship

Externship Housing Hosts: Guidelines and Information Form

After the Externship

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