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The Carleton Scholars Program

What is the Scholars Program?

Carleton’s Scholars Program consists of exploratory industry tours that typically last two to four days at the beginning of spring break. The tours introduce a group of students to a variety of organizations within a particular field of interest (e.g., non-profits, public policy, green tech, business/finance, film/television, public health/medicine, entrepreneurship, etc.). The program includes an on-campus symposium, site visits, panel discussions, a networking workshop and reception, and related curricular components.

 2018 Scholars Programs

  • Washington DC Careers in Public Policy Program
  • Twin Cities Careers in Sustainability Program

How It Works

The first scholars program was in New York City in December 2006. A group of 12 juniors and seniors met more than 50 professionals at finance firms over a four-day period. The program included formal visits to organizations including Citibank, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, HSBC, and Lehman, and alumni and parents also hosted informal dinner receptions that provided the students with additional networking opportunities. The students even experienced New York’s nightlife by attending a Broadway show. A professor who taught in the field and a Career Center representative accompanied the students.  Over the years, groups of students have explored a variety of industry areas (as noted above) and visited locations in Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, and more.

Why the Program is Effective

For many students, these programs have been transformative. Not only have they learned a great deal more about their field of professional interest, but students have usually walked away with the contact information of several experts who are willing to continue a personal dialogue about how best to pursue various career paths. The students have been very empowered by the experiences and connections provided by these programs.

Carleton as a whole has also benefited from having these bright students as ad hoc ambassadors throughout the United States. During their visits, the students have raised Carleton’s profile at corporations, government offices, and organizations on the east and west coasts, where Carleton is less well known than in the Midwest.

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