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Carleton Scholars Program: Information for Students

Carleton’s Scholars Program introduces a group of students to a variety of organizations within a particular field of interest. It includes an on-campus symposium, site visits, panel discussions, a networking workshop and reception, and related curricular components.

 2018 Scholars Programs

  • Washington DC Careers in Public Policy Program
  • Twin Cities Careers in Sustainability Program

Background/General Information

  • The Scholars Program was piloted in 2006.
  • Past trips have focused on financial markets, public policy, medicine/ public health, non-profits, technology, environmental sustainability, social action, business, entrepreneurship, and the creative arts.
  • These programs are meant to provide more than learning opportunities for students; they are also a chance for organizations to learn about Carleton students.

Logistics and Particulars

  • Site visits take place during spring break, usually lasting two to four days, depending on budget and travel arrangements.
  • Student groups typically consist of approximately fifteen students.
  • Parent and alumni “on the ground” contacts help with arranging company visits, student/alumni receptions, and other scheduled group activities.
  • Students engage in a career curriculum which assists in crafting a resume, creating student profiles and LinkedIn profiles, developing an elevator speech, researching the participating companies and alumni, as well as networking practice. 
  • Evaluation of the experience takes place within a week of the program’s end.

Program Content

  • General networking and initial expectations for the trip are laid out at during the orientation.
  • Students visit several job sites each day, learning about each organization as a whole and the alumni/parents’ specific roles within the organization, then engaging in a Q & A session for which students have prepared ahead of time.
  • At least one networking reception is hosted with alumni which offers students an opportunity to make connections and further their industry knowledge.

Program Outcomes

    Each student will:

    • Identify and articulate their skills (written & oral).
    • Present themselves as confident and polished.
    • Expand their professional network.
    • Create an action plan for career next steps.

      Past Programs

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