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Winter 2018 Issue 6 (February 16, 2018)

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    • Carleton Players deliver moving performance (Login Required)

      Content warning: this article contains material regarding sexual assault

    • Giving ideas legs to stand on: CAMS alumni share thoughts (Login Required)

      On Jan. 31, Sarah Abdel-Jelil’s ’16 dance-lapse film, Batikh, screened in Weitz Cinema. This project is a continuation of her senior comprehensive project (comps), Kerkethen, and was created with the help of two other CAMS graduates and friends, Veronica Garcia ’16 and Theresa Heitz ’16.

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    • Letter to the Editor (Login Required)

    • Old media gets to the depth of issues (Login Required)

      I think there is just one word that distinguishes old media from new media: depth. While frequently old media is defined as radio and print press, I feel that it can encompass also any articles (even if published online) that really get in-depth with a topic.

    • Old media is still relevant--but whom does does it represent? (Login Required)

      In our hyper-connected world of instantaneity, media with slow production processes like newspapers or novels seem quaint, nostalgic, even counterproductive if they cannot warn of disaster when it strikes, or deliver a soothing wave of dopamine the moment that panic takes hold. However, I think that society needs its slow media as much as it craves fast content. By the nature of its revenue structure in an instantaneous market, news and other catered content on social media must follow a poke-the-bear philosophy.

    • Six signs that you're ready to graduate (Login Required)

      I’m very much ready to graduate and leave Carleton. Sometimes I think I’ve been ready since freshman year. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I’d also rather be ready to go at a moment’s notice than have the same mindset of people I know who will probably have to be pried from the graduation stage. So here’s a list of signs that you’re ready to graduate Carleton:

    • Editorial: Carls should keep talking back (Login Required)

      We encourage the Carleton community to keep talking back, and offer our Viewpoint section as a weekly place to do so.

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