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2016 Spring Issue 8 (May 27, 2016)

    • "Campus Update on Sexual Misconduct" email sparks campus discussion (Login Required)

      “These issues need to be properly handled on a case-by-case basis by the involved parties and administration, not thrown to the judgement of the entire student body. Distributing a list of sexual offenders based on word of mouth, without context, may have been intended to protect but only serves to cause further harm and resentment.”

    • Senator impeached for missed meetings (Login Required)

      "As mandated by CSA bylaws, a Senator with three absences undergoes an automatic hearing and subsequent impeachment vote. The Senator is removed from CSA if two thirds of Senators vote for impeachment."

    • Incoming class size data shows that the Class of 2020 is a record high. Graphic by Nam Anh Nguyen.

      Class of 2020 yield largest in Carleton history (Login Required)

      "The talents and skills represented are wonderful, and there is even a small uptick in quality by all the standard measures. I can’t complain about the group we have coming in, so we do have the issue of a larger class but wonderful other effects coming with it of probably one of the most diverse classes."

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    • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

      The 1929 Algol controversy (Login Required)

      "This week’s topic is a rehashing of former Archivist Mark A. Greene’s “Raiders” column from January 17, 1986. Greene’s column (and Carletonians dating to 1877, in fact) can be viewed on the Archives’ website, and the banned yearbook supplement (see below) can be viewed by request. This is a friendly reminder to readers that the Carleton Archives’ vast collection is available and intended for all to utilize! Everyone can find something of interest in the documents and photographs, many of which are also available in the Archives’ Digital Collections."

    • Visiting English profs bring new perspectives (Login Required)

      "The English major is not only a precursor to grad school but [also to] a whole range of careers where you use language and literary skills. We want to bring people from these diverse fields to our department."

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    • Photo by Kristen Nassar.

      This is What Sticks: a real look at youth anxiety (Login Required)

      "From the decoration of the entire theater with Alicia’s welcome-home decorations for her sister to the dialogue of the members of the chorus, This is What Sticks takes powerful themes in new directions that make for a compelling production. I highly recommend seeing it tonight."

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    • Photo by Emily Ross.

      Senior Spotlight: Hayden Tsutsui (Login Required)

      "I think I am just lucky that I have been able to stay relatively healthy for the four years that I played here. I think that I was put in a situation, as a freshman, with the teammates around me, to be successful. I never thought I would be as successful as I was. So I guess I’m proud."

    • Four Knights rack up regional awards on the track (Login Required)

      "The Carleton College track and field programs took home four of the eight Central Region awards."

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    • Former editor-in-chief reflects on her Carleton experience (Login Required)

      "We want so badly to be radical, to fight the system, to overturn power structures - but there’s still something about this campus that stifles anger and pushes us towards conventionality; there’s classes to go to, assignments to complete; after four years, we graduate, we need to find jobs, we need to play into the capitalist economy even more than we already do (and we all do); we end up being a simulacrum of radicals rather than radicals themselves."

    • Graphic by Kera Ling

      Carleton: a user's guide (Login Required)

      "Just go out there and give it a shot.  Carleton traditions are there for a reason, and even if it sounds stupid I assure you that you’ll have more fun out there throwing yourself down a hill on a tray than you will inside the library."

    • It's been real, and it's been fun... (Login Required)

      "It would be a lie to say that these past four years have floated by like a lovely dream.  It would be equally disingenuous to laugh off the drama, the squabbles, and the sleepless nights as rattling and banging inside one very expensive playpen.  The challenges we faced were real enough at the time, and we overcame them.  More important, we were earnest about it."

    • Dining hall decisions (Login Required)

      "Dining hall conversations certainly are a valuable part of the college experience. They’re a great chance to meet new people and to learn from your peers. However, reducing the minimum meal plan requirements would also offer benefits."

    • Carleton and the real world (Login Required)

      "Being happy at Carleton for me has been finding a balance between sitting in Sayles and talking to random passerbys, and having tough jobs and interesting problems which keep me engaged and invested."

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