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Winter 2018 Issue 8 (March 2, 2018)

    • Campus administration responds to Carls Talk Back (Login Required)

      Last Friday, Feb. 23, President Poskanzer sent an email to students, faculty and staff on behalf of the Tuesday Group giving updates on the administration’s response to the Carls Talk Back movement, which began almost two weeks ago with the release of a list of demands and a silent protest at the convocation of former white supremacist Arno Michaelis. The Tuesday Group includes administrative leaders on campus, such as the College’s treasurer and Dean of the College.

    • Wellstone memorial to debut spring term (Login Required)

      Wellstone taught in the Carleton political science department for over 20 years. On campus, Wellstone was known for leading students and community members alike in lobbying and protest efforts, said Fure-Slocum. For example, he helped lead a strike of Carleton’s cafeteria workers for higher wages and better working conditions, according to a recent Star Tribune article.

    • Annual Climate Action Week and No Impact Challenge return to campus (Login Required)

      From Feb. 17 to 24, Carleton’s Sustainability Office conducted its annual Climate Action Week (CAW) and No Impact Challenge, a series of campus events designed to raise awareness of environmental and sustainability issues. According to student organizers, this year’s Climate Action Week featured a smaller number of events but a more collaborative approach from various campus organizations and groups.

    • Carleton DSA to petition for $15 minimum wage (Login Required)

      The Carleton Democratic Socialists of America group (CDSA) has called on the administration to raise the minimum wage of student workers to $15/hr.

      Student workers’ current minimum wage is $9.75/hr, ten cents above the statewide minimum of $9.65/hr.

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    • Your life extends far beyond the boundaries of campus (Login Required)

      I would encourage everyone to engage with the Northfield community, whether with students or in any other way. It’s important to me to remember that a world outside of my classes and activities exists and to look outside of that smaller world to support others, and perhaps it will be important to you, too.

    • As Carls we're all Minnesotans (Login Required)

      Local politics are often messy, but they can have a greater impact than we in our bubble might ever know. I highly encourage you to give them a second glance.

    • Have high standards for others in relationships (Login Required)

      Hypothetically, we know we want to be with someone who is kind and generous and respectful. We have superfluous and sometimes superficial categories we look for, like their hobbies and physical characteristics, but oftentimes don’t plan to budge on those three central wish list items. So why, often times, do we find ourselves with people that lack these qualities so thoroughly? Do we want these things in theory but expect to be let down?

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