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  • An American Toad, heard all around Lyman Lakes.

    Carleton Arboretum Frog and Toad Survey (Login Required)

    Have you gone on a walk in the Arb recently? If you have, I bet you heard a few of the frog species that live in our Arb! One of the noisiest species you can hear in most wetlands is the Chorus Frog. It sounds like a finger running across the teeth of a comb.

  • The volleyball team during a game last season against Martin Luther College.

    New head volleyball coach hired

    Coming off of a somewhat disappointing 2017 season, where the Knights finished conference play with a record of 5-6 and failed to make the MIAC playoffs, the offseason saw significant changes to the program. With the departure of Heidi Jaynes to an influential role inside the athletic department, Jaynes and Athletic Director Gerald Young spent the spring looking for a new head volleyball coach. A few weeks ago, they decided on a young coach who most recently coached at Lancaster Bible College, Jacki Smith. Smith returns to her native Minnesota after guiding her Lancaster Chargers to a 12-20 overall record, with a .667 winning percentage in the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) and a berth in the 2017 NEAC Championships. She went to school right down the road at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, where she was a two sport athlete in volleyball and basketball.

    • Aminé delivers high-energy performance at Spring Concert

      Despite cooler than usual weather, this year’s Spring Concert saw hundreds of students come to see the show.

    • Olaf web developer releases free app, “CARLS”

      On Friday, May 11, St. Olaf Web Developer Hawken Rives released a free app called “CARLS.” The app includes Carleton dining hall menus, building hours, bus itineraries, and a dictionary detailing Carleton slang, among other features. The app is a modified version of “All About Olaf,” a similar app which Rives helped develop for St. Olaf.

    • Australia OCS program canceled amid investigation, restructuring concerns

      This year, 74 students applied to the Biology department’s Ecology in Australia Off-Campus Studies (OCS) program—the highest number of applicants that had ever applied. Led by Lecturer in Biology Annie Bosacker ’95, the trip would run during winter term 2019, and advertises on its website the opportunity to experience “the open, unpredictable wonder of one of the world’s greatest outdoor laboratories.” On May 14, however, applicants were notified via an email from Helena Kaufman, the Director of the Off Campus Studies Office, that the trip had been cancelled.

    • Students create guide to “Being Not-Rich at Carleton”

      On Friday, May 11, Lillie Schneyer ’18 and Gray Babbs ’18 released a document called “Being Not-Rich at Carleton.” The 24-page guide, which is broken into categories “Emergencies,” “Living,” “Health,” “Academics” and “Employment,” lists campus resources that can make Carleton more affordable.

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    • Women’s Golf finishes regular season undefeated (Login Required)

      This year, Women’s Golf celebrated an undefeated regular season. In this article, head coach Eric Sieger and athlete Kelsey Sullivan ’20 reflect on their favorite moments from the season and set goals for the upcoming year.

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    • Letter from the Editor (Login Required)

         Thanks to everyone who read and wrote for the Viewpoint section this term. I was heartened by the diversity of opinions expressed. An array of perspectives and opinions is essential to a productive discourse. Even if you read just a single article this term, or glanced at a single pull quote, you helped facilitate conversation and dialogue. I hope that this section continues to be space for the sharing and consumption of differing opinions.     

         Farewell to the Class of 2018, and best of luck with all you do in the future.  Have a wonderful summer, everyone. I’ll see you back in the fall!   

    • Frisbee teams at Carleton acts as self-regulated Greek Life (Login Required)

      Ultimate Frisbee functions as a pseudo-Greek life system on our campus. I’ve written dozens of articles over the past four years for the Carletonian, at least ten of which are much better written than this one.

    • Some questions from a senior

      Did I finish the race? Was it a marathon or a sprint? Did I achieve my potential? Did I find my purpose? Did I forget my purpose, as quick as I found it?

    • To be a true adult, you do not always have to be independent

      I often lead with “throwback to when” or “I’ll never forget” to spark conversations with new and old friends alike. I thoroughly enjoy creating photo collages to remember past good times and the faces of loved ones. I even write letters to friends over one break, wanting to bring back the lost tradition of letter writing. In other words, I am unabashedly cheesy. I am over-the-top sentimental. And, I hate leaving the past behind.

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    • Rotblatt vs. Rotblat (Login Required)

      Most of us go through our lives without thinking much about the letter “T.” There are not many people, I assume, who have particularly strong feelings about the letter. Before writing this article I did quite a bit of research, too much perhaps, on the letters of the alphabet.

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