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Fall 2018 Issue 8 (November 9, 2018)

    • CSA votes to end Zagster bike share program (Login Required)

      The Carleton Student Association (CSA) recently voted to terminate the Zagster Bike Share Program, a service which provided rental bikes to students who did not have their own bike on campus. The bike share service was discontinued on October 26.

    • College phases out Reason, moves to WordPress (Login Required)

      Carleton’s Technology Planning and Priorities Committee (TPPC) recently made the decision to move the college’s website to WordPress from its original content management system (CMS), Reason.

    • Hunger Banquet examines food insecurity (Login Required)

      “The point of it is to simulate what meals look like for different levels of income. And it’s also an event to elicit emotions. It’s supposed to make the high income group uncomfortable, with the person a foot away from them only having rice,” said Julia Kenney ’20.

    • 2017-18 marks lowest year for student participation in OCS programs (Login Required)

      The annual Off-Campus Studies (OCS) Report was presented at the Education and Curriculum Committee meeting on October 3. The report contains two separate sets of statistics: Class of 2018 overall OCS participation and OCS participation of the entire student body in the academic year 2017-2018. The report shows that 76 percent of the Class of 2018 studied abroad, which is similar to past years. However, 2017-2018 marked the lowest OCS participation in over a decade at 19 percent, among which 63 percent is in Europe, an all-time high.

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    • Q&A with Jez Bigornia ’20, director of new show Doubt: A Parable (Login Required)

      Doubt: A Parable is playing in the Little Nourse Theater this weekend; you can attend performances at 7:30 p.m. on Friday or 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. To learn more about this production, the Carletonian reached out to the show’s director, Jez Bigornia ’20, to hear what the show has in store.

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    • A very important victory in the House (Login Required)

      As a Democrat, I felt that Tuesday’s midterms were a mixed bag. Democrats took control of the house, and Republicans kept control of the Senate, a result that was widely expected and a bit boring. Of course, a postmortem was and still is needed on the 2016 election. It was drama-rich and had a surprising result, so the election became ground zero for political pontification.

    • Historic voter turnout demonstrates the need for easier registration (Login Required)

      Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon attributes Minnesota’s phenomenal turnout rates to the state’s commitment to making access to the ballot simple and easy. In 1974, Minnesota became the second state to allow same-day voter registration, giving voters the option to register to vote at their polling place on Election Day. In 2012, about 18 percent of Minnesota voters registered at their polling place. Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado and Wisconsin were among the five states with the highest voter turnouts in 2016. Each of these top states also allow same-day voter registration.

    • Trump's removal of a CNN reporter's White House access is unacceptable (Login Required)

      As anybody who has taken a U.S. government class knows, the media is the watchdog of democracy.

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