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2017 Winter Issue 6 (February 17, 2017)

    • Bike share and KRLX projects approved (Login Required)

      The Student Projects Committee (SPC) referenda to fund KRLX renovations and a bike share program passed as a part of winter term CSA elections.

    • Students petition to close Crisis Pregnancy Center (Login Required)

      Two weeks ago, Carleton’s pro-choice activism group, Student Advocates for Reproductive Choice (SARC), created a petition asking the college to not renew the lease for the Northfield Women’s Center. The petition has garnered many signatures.

    • CSA election sees record voter turnout (Login Required)

      With 68.5 percent of the student body voting, winter term’s CSA elections had an unprecedented turnout, according to current CSA President Tiffany Thet ’17. Thet attributed the high turnout to CSA’s get-out-the-vote efforts and to the political atmosphere on campus after the 2016 presidential election.

    • Students speak out at Carls Give Day (Login Required)

      During Carls Give Day, one of the college’s largest annual fundraisers, approximately 20 student organizers from various student groups, including Carls for a Democratic Society and Carleton’s Organized Radicals and Leftists (CORAL), called alumni to talk about campus issues, ranging from fossil fuel divestment to faculty diversity.

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    • Campus prepares for threats to birth control (Login Required)

      In light of the Trump campaign’s anti-choice rhetoric, student organizations, SHAC and the GSC have raised and pondered many questions and concerns about what the Trump administration means for women’s access to reproductive care, birth control, and abortion.

    • Iveta Jusova (Login Required)

      Iveta Jusová, professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program in Europe, leads the Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe program.

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    • A value-based question (Login Required)

      The question “Do Carls drink too much?” is value-based, and answers will vary depending on a person’s experiences.

    • Overseen at Sayles (Login Required)

      "It’s staggering how accustomed we become to drinking in our lives over the years. Across many backgrounds prior to coming to Carleton, we’ve verily accepted drinking as a part of culture."

    • American exceptionalism through diversity and heritage (Login Required)

      "Never did I doubt my standing in the national community, nor did I question the steadfast acceptance I felt from others who were different from me. America has been, and always will be, an integral part of my identity."

    • Emotional education through art (Login Required)

      "It’s a natural consequence of attending a liberal arts school. People have deep-rooted interests here, and they will fight to defend them. Since I’ve come to Carleton, I’ve had numerous discussions—some of which may better be called arguments—with different people about the merits of certain works of art."

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    • How to speak to your crush (Login Required)

      The other weekend, a friend asked me “how do you talk to girls?

    • Beaver lodges can Bea-very warm (Login Required)

      The Carleton student has many strategies to survive the winter: wearing layers, drinking hot beverages and simply staying inside to name a few. Animals in the Arb, however, don’t have these same luxuries.

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