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2014 Winter Issue 5 (February 14, 2014)


  • Security

    A Night on the Job with Security

    One does not simply walk into Sayles 205 at night. This is not only because we don’t know what Sayles 205 is, but also that our OneCards don’t let us in.

  • Bad Girl?

    Valentine’s Day is sexist. Now, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday, but this commercialism seems to be aimed at women.

  • V-Day Thoughts from Carls of Yesteryear

    The interplay between words is a lot like sex ... take out one of your favorite poems and read it. Why do you like it? How does it work?

  • Beware the Valentine’s Day Dump

    A few days ago, I was enjoying my fourth pre-noon Tandem Bagel when the person at the table next to me brought up a holiday that I had all but forgotten about: Valentine’s Day.

  • Illustration by Ambrin Ling ‘14

    A Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet you just groaned as you read over that sentence. This is the day we all dread.