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2014 Winter Issue 6 (February 21, 2014)

  • Becca Giles

    CSA Election Results: Meet the Winners (Login Required)

    Whether they were riled up about Rotblatt or excited about the student-proposed referenda, Carleton students were in a political mood last week. More than half voted in the election--the biggest turnout in eight years, according to outgoing President Matthew Fitzgerald.

    • ETB players in "SubUrbia."

      “SubUrbia,” Burnout Wasteland

      “SubUrbia,” a play written by Eric Bogosian and directed by junior History major Andrew Harvey, opened last Thursday in the Little Norse Theater.

    • An "advertisement" from the first issue of the CLAP.

      A Brief History of The CLAP

      Carleton’s admissions websites says The CLAP, or The Carleton Literary Association Paper, “is a weekly student publication distributed Fridays during Convocation hour. It accepts a wide variety of articles, opinion pieces, fiction and poetry, much of it satirical”.

    • Illustration by Wanchen Yao

      “Progressive” Culture on Campus

      Progressives. The student handbook says they’re prohibited, lumping them together with other “high-risk alcohol-related activities” including “drinking theme parties, drinking games, beer bongs, and similar behaviors.”

    • Book Across the Bay Bonfire in 2010.

      Beyond the Carleton Bubble

      Often times Carleton students joke about how Carleton seems to be a bubble. Isolated from the real world and its problems.

    • Board Approves Budget

      After a year of meeting with various groups on campus and analyzing Carleton’s past finances and plans for the future, the Budget Committee submitted its recommendation for the 2015 to 2016 budget to the Board of Trustees on Friday.

    • Gender neutral housing.

      Gender-Neutral Housing

      What does Crack House have in common with the Nunnery? Nothing.  And yet, Carleton students have the freedom to live in both places, and it seems to be this freedom of choice that makes Carls happy.

    • Treasurer Fred Rogers and Associate Dean Fernan Jaramillo.

      Admins Announce New Construction

      For nearly three years, Carleton’s administrators have worked to craft a facilities plan, a detailed description of where all new buildings will go and what they will look like.

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    • On Language and Loss

      We’ve all been there before. Comforting a friend or a relative, either not knowing or not even having a way to describe your feelings at the moment.

    • A Mish Mosh Approach to Education

      On a shelf in my house sits a bird figurine made out of one cork, one toothpick, two feathers, and two plastic googly eyes. It’s a relic of my childhood days at an alternative school where we called our teachers by their first names and never took tests.

    • Slices of a Story

      When we look at someone, we only get slices of their story. These slices can be very misleading, and can lead to come very vicious, damaging, preconceived ideas.

    • The State of Campus Discourse

      Everywhere you walk, chances are that you will find a poster announcing an event, where you come for the food but stay for the conversation with a speaker or facilitators. It may be also likely that you get an invitation on Zimbra or Facebook for the same kind of activities.

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