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2014 Winter Issue 7 (February 28, 2014)

  • The Cave

    Cave Plots Revival (Login Required)

    The Cave’s lineup isn’t as impressive this year as it was three years ago, according to David Mills ’14. Many of the Cave’s memorable acts--Dan Deacon, Fuck Buttons, YACHT, and No Age--came during Mills’s freshman year.

    • Villa Otium houses the US ambassador to Norway.

      US Ambassador to Norway Can’t Read Wikipedia

      George Tsunis, President Obama’s Norway ambassador nominee, had a rocky start to his diplomatic career before he’d even left the country. Tsunis, formerly the CEO of a hotel chain, received his appointment to the position despite having no previous diplomatic experience or ties in any way to the country of Norway.

    • Illustration by Kera Ling.

      Brutal Minnesota Winters Exacerbate SAD

      As winter term comes to a close, it seems appropriate to reflect on the dismal state of mind that has afflicted many a Carl this season: seasonal affective disorder, abbreviated as SAD.

    • Activism

      Activist Clubs Elicit Lackluster Response

      For being a thoughtful, informed, and overtly liberal population with over a dozen activists groups, our campus typically lacks public “action.”

    • Cups in Burton Dining Hall.

      Successful Referendum Aims to Cut Cup Waste

      This week I had the opportunity to ask Sarah Lukins ‘15, co-president of Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment, for some background information and commentary about this newly passed referendum eliminating paper coffee cups in the dining halls

    • Nancy Braker/ Special to the Carletonian


      Last Friday afternoon, the Student Naturalists led an Arboretum tour for Carleton students and the greater Northfield community. Due to the recent snowfall, the Arb had been transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland.

    • The Rare Pair

      Carleton to Cut NoFo Slots to Twenty-Five

      The Northfield Option gives approximately 75 seniors the chance to live off-campus, completely dependently from Carleton College. This year the process of applying for the much-coveted opportunity seemed especially frenzied after the news of St. Olaf acquiring Crack and Love Houses.

    • Kera Ling

      Tunnel Vision

      Most students have the scoop- beneath Carleton’s campus extends a tunnel system that students once used. While this winter we bonded over the record lows, the tradition of bravery is cut off somewhere in the distancing past, 1989 to be exact, when the tunnels were sealed, a time when Carls didn’t own coats and would go to class in bikinis in January, all because they could walk through tunnels that connected the campus’ largest buildings.

    • Bon Appetit

      Fifteen-Meal Plan to Debut in ’14-’15

      As a result of administration negotiations and student discussions with Bon Appétit, next year, there will be a 15 meal plan with 300 dining dollars instead of a 12 meal plan with 300 dining dollars.

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    • Lenny D cast members puzzle over the best way to break up via board game

      Inside Lenny D

      We all love to go watch Lenny Dee preform every term and laugh at the ridiculousness that the our own comedians come up with, but have you ever wondered what it takes to come up with those sketches? This is a behind the scenes look at the seven weeks of work that goes into Lenny Dee every term.

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    • Anne Lombardi ‘14

      Women’s Tennis Suffers First Loss at Hands of D-I U of M

      Sometimes another team just has your number. For the Carleton College women’s team, that’s the case with Sunday’s opponent, a squad that has handed the Knights (5-1) their first loss of the year in five of the last six seasons.

    • Colette Celichowski ‘15

      Women’s Track Like a Broken Record

      It was another spectacular weekend for the Knights, who continued their season with four new school records at the University of Minnesota’s Parents’ Day Open on Saturday, February 22.

    • Jenny Ramey '14.

      Women’s Basketball Season Comes To a Close

      On Senior Day, the Carleton College women’s basketball class of 2014 did everything in its power to will the Knights to victory over Macalester College.

    • Tennis Net

      Men’s Tennis Tops Concordia and St. Cloud

      Victories by Mauricio Gonzalez ‘15 and Christian Nagy ‘16 in both singles and doubles propelled the Carleton College men’s tennis team to  a 9-0 triumph over Concordia. The win lifted the Knights to the top spot in the conference standings.

    • Keelin Davis ‘16

      Softball Opens Season with Non-Conference Split

      The Carleton College softball squad lifted the lid on the 2014 campaign by splitting a pair of non-conference games, defeating University of Wisconsin-Superior, 8-1, before falling to Bemidji State University—a NCAA Division II program—by an 8-7 tally in extra innings.

    • Taylor Hanson '14.

      Men’s Basketball Season Comes to a Close with Loss to Scots

      The Carleton College men’s basketball program bid farewell to seniors Taylor Hanson and Cameron Webb on Senior Day at West Gymnasium.

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    • Depression: You’re Not the Only One

      Picking a college is a disorienting experience. Be it a campus tour, an overnight visit, or a brochure in the mail, everyone has a different path to where they are now.

    • Sharing is Caring?: Reconstructing Social Justice One Brick at a Time

      I have never been a cynic, but a recent article made me question basic human decency. The article titled, “The Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist” by Pippa Biddle assesses her experience building a library in Tanzania while she was in high school.

    • More Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Response to “Slices of a Story”

      Scrutiny is the essence of doubt, and thankfully, we have a modicum of it that can let us call things out when need be. Already, I read the CLAP criticisms of our paper’s Friendsy story, and just these past few days I’ve heard undercurrents of criticisms over the opinion piece that my colleague, Anna Schmiel, wrote in the past issue.

    • Discourse and Defaults

      I am writing in response to Gaston Lopez’s editorial in last week’s Carletonian titled, “The State of Campus Discourse.” Although this article ended on a positive note, it does not nullify the importance of the author’s observation that the discourse on contemporary issues of inequality and discrimination far too often involves only those who are at the receiving end of that form of discrimination.

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