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2008 Fall Issue 8 (November 14, 2008)

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    • Women’s soccer advances to 2nd round of NCAA’s

      Women’s soccer advances to 2nd round of NCAA’s

      There have been some magical happenings on Bell Field this past week for Carleton women’s soccer. Last Saturday, the Knights faced Concordia in the MIAC Playoffs Championship game. There was a lot on the line, as the winning team received not only the prestige of being the best in the conference, but also an automatic bid to the NCAA National Championship tournament.

    • Men’s soccer wins MIAC playoffs, advances to NCAA tournament.

      Men’s soccer wins MIAC playoffs, advances to NCAA tournament

      Though the wind howled and sky threatened to pour out its wrath on those assembled at Bell last Saturday, the men’s soccer team calmly and coolly guaranteed themselves a spot in the NCAA Championships with a penalty kick shootout victory over Augsburg.

    • Wide receiver Matt Frank ’09 broke his own school record in receptions in a single season, with 79 this season so far.

      Football to fight for MIAC championship title

      Despite swirling winds as high as 30 mph and a 5-degree windchill, the Carleton aerial attack was very effective, totaling 372 yards in the passing game as the Knights rallied for a 41-28 victory at Concordia. Carleton scored a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns to pull away for the victory.

    • XC competes in Karhu Shoe Race

      XC competes in Karhu Shoe Race

      Carleton’s cross country runners were in action again last week, facing the rival Oles in the Great Karhu Shoe Race.

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    • After finals end, take time to reflect on this term

      In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life at Carleton, it sometimes is difficult for one to stop and think about what a particular event means.One may pause and read the newspaper at breakfast or lunch, but there is always the next exam or paper after that. There is never time to stop completely to think, because the Carleton life does not afford such a luxury.

    • A large increase in student activity fee

      This past Monday night, the CSA Senate voted to set the Student Activity Fee for the 2009-2010 academic year, as is done every year around this time. There are however, some changes that I feel that you should know about before you receive your tuition statement for next year.

    • Dogmatism and the election

      It wasn’t Obama’s being elected that I was unhappy with nor was it the man himself. It was what I perceived as the Carleton community’s explicit assumption that everyone on campus was a supporter of Obama.

    • Carleton students show lack of commitment to sustainable Carleton

      As a 5th year intern then, sandwiched between being a student and a staff, the great surprise for me thus far this year has been seeing the far greater seriousness about and energy toward the issue of environmental sustainability from the faculty and staff. I am not sure why there is not quite the same level of practicing commitment among students.

    • In support of welfare: a response to the Carleton Observer

      Reid’s maxim of “if a person is unable to care for a child, they should not bring one into the world” is not that simple.

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