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2012 Spring Issue 2 (April 13, 2012)


  • Professor Mike Hemesath

    Prof. Mike Hemesath appointed next president of Saint John’s University

    In a campus-wide email sent out Tuesday, Carleton President Steve Poskanzer announced that Mike Hemesath, Carleton economics professor and president of the faculty, will be leaving Carleton to become the new president at St. John’s University.  “I’m so happy for Mike,” said Poskanzer, “but I’m not going to like it if his sports teams beat ours.”

  • green

    Carleton a finalist for Climate Leadership Award

    The college is a candidate for a Climate Leadership Award for the environmentally sustainable headway it has made in the past year, including the installation of a second wind turbine, which provides power for most of the campus’s energy usage.

  • hula dancers

    Hawaiian dance troupe hulas before sold-our crowd

    The halau’s visit allowed Carleton students a chance to experience a new culture, but the halau students also had their own informative cross-cultural experience. During their stay, the dancers traveled to the Minneapolis American Indian Center.

  • Streakers

    Let’s get naked? Understanding a longtime Carleton tradition

    Attend a major campus performance such as Ebony and inevitably, at some point during the show, a group of naked people will run across the stage. Streaking is deeply embedded in the culture of Carleton dating back to at least the 1960s.

  • Mai Fete

    Mai Fete returns with new alcohol policy

    Despite some concerns about its vitality as a springtime Carleton tradition due to changes in the College’s alcohol policy, Mai Fete successfully returned this Wednesday night.

  • AED

    Carleton to offer AED training

    If someone had immediate symptoms of a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest, would the average Carleton student, staff or faculty member know how to react? With eight Automated External Deliberators installed around campus this winter, a dedicated student has been able to start the second phase of his plan to educate Carleton about how to react in an emergency.

  • Class of ‘14 Majors

    Class of ‘14 picks majors

    Considered a Carleton milestone, major declarations were due to the Registrar’s Office on Monday.  A large portion of sophomores had no hesitation in their decision.

  • Ganey

    Ganey launches campaign by connecting with Carleton students

    Carleton development officer Patrick Ganey kicked off his campaign for the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) nomination for Minnesota’s second congressional district last Thursday.

  • Barbara Fredrickson ‘86

    Psychologist encourages Convo crowd to balance emotions

    On Friday, April 6th, psychologist and Carleton alum Barbara Fredrickson ‘86 gave a new perspective on positive emotions.  Fredrickson addressed the general overemphasis of being happy and optimistic in pop-psychology methods.

  • Passover and Easter

    Away from home, Carls celebrate Passover and Easter together

    With Passover and Easter coinciding this year, many Carls had a reason to celebrate over the past weekend, as they took time to be more involved in both the Carleton and Northfield religious communities.

  • David Lefkowitz

    Walker Art Center features works from Professor Lefkowitz

    Since the end of February, the Walker Art Center has featured Carleton Art Professor David Lefkowitz in the new exhibit “Lifelike,” which displays the work of contemporary artists from as early as the 1960s.  “The purpose of this exhibit shows how we trust the appearance of things and question our assumptions about how we see the world,” Lefkowitz said.