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2013 Winter Issue 5 (February 15, 2013)


  • Michael Cohen

    Civil War Affected Colleges, Says Alum History Major

    What was it like to go to college during the Civil War? How did colleges support the war effort? How did colleges change after the Civil War? This past Wednesday, Michael Cohen, a Carleton alumnus who graduated in 2002 gave a talk on the affect of the Civil War on colleges.

  • Last of the Red Hot Lovers

    Freshmen Cast Gave Memorable and Haunting Performance in “Last of the Red Hot Lovers”

    Unless you read your program closely, you wouldn’t have realized that the cast of last weekend’s ETB showing of “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” were all first-years. The quartet of young actors showed subtlety and poise in a memorable and haunting production of the Neil Simon play.

  • Volunteers scraped 120 pounds of food waste off student’s plates during common time on Jan. 31st.

    Welcome to the Clean Plate Club: Students Step Up to Reduce Food Waste During Green Wars

    You may have noticed a fluorescent presence near the dish conveyors during lunch last week. Carleton’s Clean Plate Club Initiative volunteers were there to promote reducing food waste in the dining halls and to address the problem of food waste.

  • David Gergen, former advisor to four different presidents.

    Former Presidential Advisor on Divisive Politics Today

    Renowned political commentator David Gergen opened his convocation address last week by comparing Poskanzer to Gandhi. He characterized the Indian leader as someone who “spent his first year listening,” before becoming the voice of India.


    Carleton Top School for Peace Corps

    For the second consecutive year, Peace Corps placed Carleton on its list of the top volunteer producing small colleges and universities. Carleton also placed many students into Green Corps and AmeriCorps.

  • Burton won the annual Green Wars by reducing their energy-usage the most out of all dorms.

    Annual Green Wars Competition Has Mixed Results

    At the beginning of this month all the dormitories competed to reduce their power intake the most. Students were helped along by the Carleton Sustainability’s website, which catalogued the progress of each hall in terms of electric and water consumption.