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2014 Spring Issue 5 (May 9, 2014)

    • Hmong Awareness Week.

      Hmong Awareness Month Starts Dialogue

      “It is sad, it is discouraging, it is unbelievable. My identity and life experience isn’t known about. Not anywhere.” Enter the Hmong perspective: here nobody knows your history; here nobody knows your culture; here you are foreign to all.

    • Jay and Chavonn.

      Wedding Planning Begins, Carls Get Engaged

      Last week, Jay Shen, class of 2015, proposed to Chavonn Williams, also class of 2015. The reporter interviewed them in Lower Sayles on Monday. Jay and Chavonn met yards away from our interview location; they even knew at which table they were introduced as freshmen.

    • Outdoor Skills for Outdoor Adventure.

      Outdoor Class, Surviving the Arb

      Many argue appreciation for the “great outdoors” is dwindling. As our world becomes more industrialized and the pace of modern life quickens, accessible, open green spaces seem much harder to come-by, and feel frequently overlooked by those engrossed in technology.

    • The Druid Circle.

      Demystifying the Druids

      I had never heard of the Druids before I arrived at Carleton. When I found out about them, my first thought was that it must be some great conspiracy—a quirky idea that a few Carls had invented to make the Arboretum seem more mystical.

    • LDC exit.

      Students Sneaking Into Dining Halls, An Ongoing Problem

      Three years ago, CUT players received a concerned email from LDC sous chef Gibson Price regarding the frequency with which CUT players were sneaking into the dining hall.

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    • Geraldine Tellbuescher ‘17 (left) Shannon Holden ‘17 (right)

      Women’s Golf Denied First NCAA Bid

      Despite being the top-ranked team in the NCAA’s Midwest region and finishing the season on the hot streak, the No. 17 Carleton College women’s golf team was left out of the mix when bids to the NCAA Championships were announced on Monday.

    • Carleton's senior baseball players.

      Yong Enters Record Books, Knights Narrowly Miss MIAC Playoffs

      The Carleton College baseball team celebrated the 10 seniors on the roster on Saturday. Despite dropping game one of the doubleheader against Concordia College by a score of 15-3, the Knights bounced back to earn a split with a 14-4 victory in game two of the twin bill.

    • Amelia Campbell ‘16

      Campbell Wins MIAC Heptathalon

      Carleton College track and field star Amelia Campbell ‘15 completed a sweep of the MIAC multi-event competitions, adding a decisive victory in the heptathlon to the pentathlon crown she earned during the indoor season.

    • Katherine Greenberg ‘14.

      Seven Knights Earn All-MIAC Honors

      After their third consecutive conference playoff championship, seven members of the Carleton College women’s tennis team earned a total of eight All-MIAC honors for the 2014 season.

    • The Carleton Women's Tennis Team.

      Women’s Tennis Wins Third Straight MIAC Title

      The only two teams to have won the MIAC Women’s Tennis Playoffs met in the conference tournament final on Saturday with an automatic bid to the NCAA Championships at stake. The Knights overcame an early deficit and claimed their third straight postseason title with a 5-3 victory over Gustavus Adolphus.

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    • The Food Feud

      In Russia, I learned from one of our language teachers that someone who has been excluded, for instance, from some social event, is entitled to exclaim, “What am I, a redhead?”

    • Applying Community Values to Merit the Bald Spot Wi-Fi Proposal

      I appreciated Claire Kelloway’s editorial from the fall, “Considering the Value of a Dollar: Perplexed by the Bald Spot Wi-Fi Proposal”, and Gaston Lopez’s editorial “Hotspot on the Bald Spot?”, both of which debated the merits of a proposal from ITS and CSA to add Wi-Fi to a few outdoor locations on campus, including the Bald Spot.

    • Speak Up!

      When I heard that 55 colleges are under federal investigation for their handling of sex violence claims, I quickly checked the list to see if Carleton was one of those schools. At first I was relieved and proud that Carleton wasn’t on the list, but I soon found myself wondering whether not being on this list is enough.

    • Will You Watch Bikes With Me?

      I went to a talk this summer by this bigshot Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, the first outside investor in Facebook, and doer of other things that are impressive if you’re into that entrepreneurship stuff.

    • Bikes? Yikes

      I know it was my fault my bike was stolen. My cheap, five-dollar lock broke in the fall, and I never bothered to replace it. Call it laziness, hubris, blind optimism, whatever — I just figured no one would take my rickety old bike (which I’d affectionately named Percival) because it wasn’t theirs.

    • These Bicycles Be Vehicles

      The Carleton homepage has a picture of a snow-laden Sayles with piles of “hibernating” bikes poking out from deep snow banks. Most of those will have rusted solid and are further wasting away in junkyards now.

    • The Great Plastic Cap

      Bike commuting is the bomb, don’t get me wrong. It’s cheap, environmentally friendly, good for the body, and good for the soul. That said, we riders should buckle up (helmets), too, because there are a lot of folks out there who care about us.

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