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2012 Spring Issue 3 (April 20, 2012)


  • Accepted students

    Accepted students roll on to campus

    Every year, the College organizes two official weekends for accepted students to spend time on campus with a Carleton host. One hundred sixty-two accepted students came this past weekend, with another 165 expected later to descend on campus tonight. Those students come from all over the United States and abroad.

  • Jeremy Bird

    Students gather for Obama’s “Greater Together Youth Summit”

    The race for the White House is officially underway. On Saturday morning nearly 30 Carleton students boarded a school bus heading to the Greater Together Youth Summit at the University of Minnesota – one of the first big events for the Obama campaign in Minnesota.

  • Haiti Justice Alliance

    Haiti Justice Alliance: Date an Ole, coming soon

    On sixth weekend, Carleton students will have the chance to search for love or friendship, while contributing to a good cause, as part of the annual event, which sets Carls and Oles up on blind dates.

  • Drag show

    Drag show wows Carls and prospies

    An extravagant showing of costume and personality, the show provided a unique experience for students and prospective students alike. A panel held in accompaniment with the show also provided a window into the performers’ lives.

  • Kwame Appiah

    Renowned philosopher Kwame Appiah tackles honor, morality

    Last Friday, Kwame Anthony Appiah – philosopher, novelist and Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University – delivered a convocation presentation titled “The Honor Code: Making Moral Revolutions.” Appiah focused on the process of turning moral understanding into moral action.

  • AzTechs

    AzTechs help students adjust to changing technology

    Like the ancient American tribe, they may be rather unknown to most Carleton students.  Yet these three students, Lily Sacharow ‘12, Tom Callister ‘13 and Karen McCleary ‘14, are working hard to provide accessible technology to all members of the Carleton community.