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2012 Spring Issue 8 (May 25, 2012)


  • Griffin Johnson

    Johnson: Signing Off for Now, Poised to Return Next Year

    Someone told me once that hatred was just the inverse reflection of love, but I think that’s pretty facile. When I talk about things that I hate about this school, it’s ultimately rooted in some kind of grand belief in the merits of this school on an abstract level, in the Nobility of this Institution that I’d like to bring to life by systematically attacking what I dislike about it.

  • Organic foods provide numerous health benefits.

    An Open Letter to Pres. Poskanzer, on Behalf of Food Truth

    When we proposed a Real Food Commitment for this fall, you dismissed the plan as unrealistic. Throughout the year we have responded to your requests for data, and gained support from large parts of the Carleton community, demonstrating that our goals are not idealistic. Sir, we have done everything that can be expected to meet your demands.

  • A Rotblatt referee takes a turn at the bat.

    Carleton Alum Responds to Keg Ban

    As a proud Carleton alumnus, I am deeply troubled by the recent revelation that kegs will be banned from Rotblatt this year. I still have a lot to learn in life, but one thing I know is that this venerable institution has not lasted 146 years by drinking beer out of cans!

  • Samir Bhala

    A Commencement Address

    We hold it within ourselves to alter our situation, to change our country, to view life as a series of trials, and to never let individual setbacks mire us in thoughts of greater failures.  Frustrations may mount, but nothing defeats you unless you let it.  So it is imperative that we never quit, and that we rely on each other to grow and to change the world.